Hay bloggers. Call me Meong. No, it’s not a chinese name (I’m half chinese but I don’t have any chinese name, hehe), Meong is Indonesian word for “Meow”. I love cat very much although I’m forbidden to adopt it. Huhu.

So, if you ask me what kinda pet do I have, the answer is rabbit.  Huaa, why rabbit while cat’s forbidden? My Mom said, “Rabbit’s flea is not as damaging as cat’s. Cat’s tokso could affect your fertility.” Ugh. But the rabbit(s) are enough to make me happy, they are really naughty. One of them likes to play in my room, scratching my bed’s plastic cover, sometimes dropped my “neighbour’s” guitar (which has been lent to me for 6 months, hehe), and even peeing whenever he could walk pass my brother’s room. His name is Bunny and he’s 3 and half years old. Another one names Bunny too, age 2 month (just bought it a week ago), and he’s a homo. Haha…

Well, that’s all about my pet. I didn’t intend to tell you about that here but I can’t stop telling you how naughty my bunnies are.

By the way, you can see my real name on this blog address. Pratikto’s my dad’s name and I was called Ayu in my family. My friends known me well as Laras and still some of them called me LG, stands for Lara Granger (a character in Harry Potter) which I created soon I stepped in high school. Well, an unique name will boost people’s memory about you rather than using another common name, that’s what I read.

Age 18 and still studying at Bandung Institute of Techology, majoring in Industrial Engineering now entering the fourth semester. My IE department has MTI, the student’s organization (by the way, what do you call mahasiswa in English? College student? Ah, whatever. Till I found what the correct english, i’ll use student here). Since I like to participate in MTI’s event, don’t be surprised to see if my post is about that.

It’s a personal blog by the way. I don’t have any interest in expanding it to a commercial blog or full-of-knowledge-blog. No. I just want to share a lil bit about my life. I’m tryin to keep it written in English but, well, as you know, mine’s not too good. Sorry about that, hehe.

Maybe one of my friend will get angry soon he read this, coz he never liked anyone who use another language beside Indonesian when talking to him. He said it’s just a show off, and because we’re Indonesian, why should we use another? Haha, then I tried to use absolutely all Indonesian when talk, sms, or ym with him but sometimes it’s hard to not use english especially after reading or listening to english all day.. But this, is my special case of using english. I know it didn’t show much nationality spirit in me, but please gimme a space to practice. Okay? Please fell free to criticize or correcting my language here.

Tha’s all my introductory post. Meong!



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