Ah, man’s always the same..

Based on true story

Let’s say, there’s a couple. The man’s got cheating with someone and finally the woman know. Shortly, they went back together (for reasons like they still love each other) but with one condition that the man won’t communicate again with that “someone” in any purposes or methods.

But the man got to do a bussiness with his ex and it’s important. So he contacted the ex. But he never told that to his woman.

Sooner or later, the woman’s find out not from his man’s own lips. She got really angry, when she confirmed it to the man, the man finally told everything why he contacted his ex. And, pip pip… case closed coz none of them (not the woman either) want to make the trouble getting even further discussed.

In my life, something like that isn’t happened to just one couple. Almost everyone i know having trouble with the third person’s actually doing the same; “the man never told the woman when they contact the third person until the woman know from the other sourcë whether the reason’s fine”. Well, why?

Are they afraid? Afraid of what?

Well, for me, telling the truth first although it’s hurt is MUCH MUCH MORE better than knowing it from the others. It will give me feeling of being trusted, and that could make the trust between the couple strenghtening.

Could men do that??? Don’t be a chicken, if you do something wrong, then you must admitted it. by not telling the truth on the first place means that you, men, won’t admit your own failure. That’ll lead to this : if you don’t dare to admit it, why you make failure?

Except for one special case, you’re being voodoed or something like that — then it’s not your fault.

3 thoughts on “Ah, man’s always the same..

  1. igun says:

    Hmm.. Is it telling the truth better?

    Setiap orang selalu punya sisi nakal/jahat, baik itu pria maupun wanita. Kalau laki-laki, barangkali sisi jahatnya seperti itu. Wanita pun suka bergosip ria, membicarakan wanita lain yang tidak disukainya (tapi lewat orang lain). Kenapa ga langsung ngomong? Chicken? Atau memang wanita ga masalah kalo menjadi chicken? :p

    Ah.. mengeluh dan generalisasi..

  2. meongijo says:

    hmmm… kalo begitu anda setuju kalau bohong itu diperbolehkan dong?
    ga semua cewek beraninya ngomong di belakang doang, banyak kok yang udah mulai frontal.
    tapi kenapa cowok ga pernah bisa jujur kalo belum ketahuan?

  3. printiasti says:

    “telling the truth first although it’s hurt is MUCH MUCH MORE better than knowing it from the others..”

    Gw stuju sama yang ini. Smoga para cowok2 itu menyadarinya..

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