WARNING! Do Not Overcharge Your Li-ion Batteries, EVEN AT THE FIRST TIME CHARGE!

Most of your rechargeable electronic devices now use Li-ion batteries. However, there’s so many complaints about this kind of battery’s life… I’ve browsed the internet to find Li-ion characteristics and summarized how to maintain our li-ion batteries so there’s no more to say, “My battery’s lekaed out!”

1. First time charging must be done for 8-12 hours. A myth?

Yep, it;s a truly myth. Your li-ion should not never be overcharged, whether it’s the first, the second, or the billionth (which is impossible, hehe) time charge. Why? Well, there’s a scientific explanation here


and www.batteryuniversity.com/parttwo-34.htm

But just for short, later days, most electronic devices use Nickel type batteries. Nah, this type of battery needs special treatment like 8-12 hours charging for the first time, 4-6 hours for the second time, and so on until the fourth which could be charged normally. Tips that’s saying “charge your battery for 8 hours on the first time” may be a leftover from the Nickel batteries maintenance. Remember, Li-ion should never be overcharged!!! Or say bye bye to your battery sooner…

— Indonesian’s here since I got no much time left to think and translate it—

2. Lepas baterai laptop anda ketika sudah penuh.

Ya! It’s a li-ion first law of charging. NEVER OVERCHARGED YOUR LI-ION BATTERY. No matter for what devices the battery was used, never overcharging it is a strict law that should not be abandoned.

Li-ion batteries have a lifecycle from 300-500 times. It means, when you charged it, partially or fully, it was counted to one. When it reaches the limit, the battery’s lifetime reduced.

Sadly to say, most “leaking” case on laptops was caused by the laptop’s working temperature. Li-ion battery is reaaaally sensitive to heat (a bit hiperbolic, hehe), if it was placed under direct sunlight, for example, the battery lifetime will reduces too. Dan hebatnya, laptop yang panas pun akan mempengaruhi umur baterai.

Ingat-ingat hukum kedua baterai Li-ion, jangan pernah menaruhnya di temperatur tinggi!

—to be continued….


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