My Doubutsu-Uranai

OMG!!! Aku nyobain link ini dari ashr

hasilnya, luar biasa! On majority, it was true!!!

Laras Ayutirta pramesti

You are Silver Lion (Yeiyyy!! tau aja aku suka kucing — yah maksudnya famili kucing, hehe), who tend to be proud and dignified, and have an atmosphere of sweet woman.
But you also have a nervous and sensitive personality, and will not get too involved in things.
You are extremely proud, and lead life in extreme hurry without stopping (That’s why i always feel like being hurried).
Your sphere of activity covers great area (actually, I’m a kind of localized person), and because of your smart activity, people around you will respect you.
You value reality, and will not get in a danger of following unfinished dreams (I accept realities…).
You can work effortlessly, and possess strength to endure loneliness (How could they know it???).
You lack natural instinct to see through peoples feelings, and therefore are consciously and deliberately acting to be good hearted (none of it was wrong…).
You may become little nagging at times, and when your favor is turned down, you get hurt.
You don’t possess great ambition that you feel need to achieve even by sacrificing something (yes, yes! my life is ambitionless).
Therefore, you don’t go into adventure, and will lead steady and sound life.
You are smart and can make good decisions, but unfortunately, you lack feminine sweetness and soft atmosphere of a woman.
After marriage you try to lead steady and economic way of life, and will be a good wife (aminnn.. aminnn…).
But you will be dominant over your husband (but i want my gonna be husband is superior!), and therefore may be a good idea to have a career (Telkomsel i’m coming!!).


5 thoughts on “My Doubutsu-Uranai

  1. andyan says:

    miyaw miyaw

  2. andyan says:

    pengen nyoba
    tapi males
    cobain dnk ^^

  3. andyan says:

    kok jadi monyet yaaa

    You are Brown Monkey, who has the natural instinct for wit.
    This instinct helps you catch what’s happening in the world.
    It will act as a driving force to make your dreams come true.
    As you get older your instinct will further sharpen up.
    Your spirit of “give and take” would make you effectively and efficiently carry out duties.
    You are a person of cool efficiency.
    You are good at everything you do, and can master things fast.
    You can also adapt quickly to changing circumstances, and your attitude is confident.
    Nevertheless, if that power becomes too strong, people may feel fearful.
    Try to be modest, and it is sometimes important to slow down as well.
    You value obligation, and never forget those who had helped you.
    Paying back those will lead you to greater success.
    From the early age, you tend to try hard to be the top of everything, but because you can be little timid, you would do better as number two.
    You can be extremely successful at competitions, but lack preciseness and persistence.
    Hasty conclusions may lead to failures.
    You are good at organizing and using people.
    You would be successful as an entrepreneur.
    Your leadership ability will influence your success too.

    artiin dnk

  4. bintang says:

    have an atmosphere of sweet woman, yet dominant over your husband?? =p

  5. meongijo says:

    @ andyan
    anda lahir di bawah terik matahari, oleh karena itu jangan dagang di air yaaa…

    @ bintang
    hey, sweet and dominating aren’t like oil and water… Could it be this : so sweet until my husband whoever he is can’t take his eyes of me? wkekekeke…

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