just between 4 am and 5.25 am

4 AM

brrrrp. brrrp. brrrp

*waked up and panic

kris called.

“Have you did the analysis for entity and relationship?”


4.15 AM

trying to wake up completely. at least i turned on my notebook.

4.30 AM

only 15 minutes to finish it up. Plugged my modem’s cord.

4.35 AM

opened my gmail account.Attaching files…

4.40 AM

still attaching 16 KB files

5.00 AM

STILL ATTACHING 16 KB FILES. suddenly it said, attachment failed. retry. remove.

da*n gmail. I retried.

5.05 AM

attachment failed. no more retry. opened my ymail account,

5.10 AM

why does it take so long to enter ymail? it usually takes less than 10 seconds…

da*n speedy.

5.15 AM

but at least I have attached the file and send it immediately to kris. FINALLY!

5.20 AM

opened my blog and writes this.

5.25 AM

i’m going to sleep again…

One thought on “just between 4 am and 5.25 am

  1. bintang says:

    2.54 AM 4th April
    i wrote this

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