Hello world, long time no blogging :P

I miss my blog sooooo much. Kerja praktek gila. I have a FULL INTERNET ACCESS AS LONG AS I LIKE but the proxies inhibit me to access streaming sites, any kind of social networking sites, and any kind of BLOG sites… Bintang has told me several proxy trick links that works in ITB, but not here at Indosat!!

To be surprised, the proxy still allow me to access manga download sites. Haha… The bad news is, i can’t download anything from them, it says it will exceeded the bandwith limit.


So then, I was remotely placed in the middle of nowhere in internet. Of course, the only thing that i would seek to open is just my Gmail and Yahoo account (we can chat with YM, but with evere 5 minutes intteruption — disconnected! My new friend’s there told me to use the yahoo chat box in my email account instead…). My life is full of gmail ymail gmail ymail while at the office, and yeah a bit of gossiping over the cubicles and lunch together with Rike — that’s my new friend I mentioned earlier, she comes from Australia.

Now i’m writing this in my lovely home. Miss it soooo much after 2 weeks had been left by me. And i think i just want to write this, how much i miss my blog so much. I cant think of another good writings to post. Hehehee…

By the way, I’m nervous waiting for my scholarship announcement to Japan. It should have been arrived since mid June, because another participants of ySEP from UI have received the confirmation since June 20th something. But why not us in ITB???

Then I ask about it to my International office officer (ISO). She replied like this :

“Kayaknya ada deh, aku juga dapat forwardan kok. Insya Allah ntar aku fwd jg. Aku pikir semua udah dapat. Thx.”

So da** good!!!! Because of THAT thing, i didn’t dare to confirm my participation in taking Japanesse course there on September 11st. Ok, that’s one thing. And now the confirmation date has been closed due to its deadline YESTERDAY! I didn’t know about other YSEP participants in UI has received it. If i had known about that, i would have asked the ISO earlier.

So why just now? It’s because we’re communicating on facebook and not email. Well, since i can’t open my facebook at my office and still thinks that facebook is just another way to drain out my money if i went to warnet, i don’t know about the information.

If only I had accessed my facebook…
If only…

Now the facebook syndrome probably has gotten me. I can feel its addiction to GOSSIPS and INFORMATION. Ugrh.


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