So, my internship (should) end like this…

I can’t believe it! I’ve passed my internship! Okay, not totally passed but at least all my idea and my work has been presented today… And overall… no problem. There are few things to be added though, but will not affect my model.

After 3 weeks searching for topic, I finally choose a topic suggested by Pak Cecep (Intan’s payment application support) about how to acommodate e-voucher transaction in Galeri Indosat. So, my topic title is “Perancangan Transaksi Voucher Elektronik pada Aplikasi Intan di Galeri Indosat – Electronic Voucher Transaction Design on Intan Application in Indosat’s Galeri”.

first 1 week, I learnt about what modelling tools should I use. Next two week, I learnt object oriented modeling with UML. Next one week, I’m trying all my best to construct the existing system into 5 UML diagram. And this one last week on my internship, I work two consecutive days to do the report and refines the diagrams into 7 UML diagram. So today, i could present my whole work to Pak Cecep, Pak Teddy (my mentor), and Pak Agus (the manager).

I feel that I’m not giving all my best to design that things… But what can I say? I can’t get access to any of Indosat’s applications so I can’t explore them. Many of the documentations were long gone and do not represent it’s actual condition and i have to construct it by myself with very little knowledge about object designing. That is the hardest thing on my topic. The design itself it’s not complicated — but the more complicated thing is to know what process involved behind it.

Anyway… it has been passed. Right now I’ve just had to finish my report and care for the administraition process. Alhamdulillah..

Lots to tell, but I’ll write it later.


2 thoughts on “So, my internship (should) end like this…

  1. angga chen says:

    i hope you always success friends

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