Night Fever Video Clip

I like Bee Gees’s songs. Well i won’t say the reasons is because of their heartthrobbing lyrics, no. I just love their music beats for something from that era. One of my favorite Bee Gees song is Night Fever.

And if you said you never know Bee Gees or “never heard of it”, you’d probably lie. Their songs are immortal and most of them were remaked. Perhaps you know “Emotion” by Destiny’s Child, or “How Deep is Your Love”, and even not too popular song like”Love You Inside Out” was remaked by other singer. So if you never heard “Night Fever”, I bet you have heard it even once in your life when your parents take control of the songs in your car. Hehe…

Here’s a present for you who like Bee Gees like me, or want to hear Night Fever once again, or want to try listening the beat. The Night Fever’s video clip is something funny for me who lives in 21st century anyway… But it’s worth to be seen 😀


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