Japan day 8 : Lost my wallet (and skipped the stories of day 4-7)

It’s saturday and all of YSEP from Indonesia is invited as indang dancer at koudasai next three weeks. And for you who are not Tokodai students or don’t know about Koudasai, well, me too. It’s just some big party, big exhibition of Tokyo Tech where PPI tokodai will be one of the performers and also a stand participant.

So… all of us the YSEP from Indonesia and some of PPI tokodai member’s were invited, or it’s better to say “bounded” to join it. Hehe… Mbak Akino will be the instructor and yes, the practice session was held at her house in Tsukushino, 2 stations after Suzukakedai campus from Fujigaoka. Mbak Lyta who will guide the way, said that she’ll wait at Tsukushino station at 9.45, no later than that because Mbak Kino will have arubaito (part time) at 1 PM.

But me and Fafa kinda wake up late. And we cook breakfast too. So, what can I say, me and Fafa is late. It’s already 9:37 when we came to Fujigaoka Eki and the train has just closed its door.

Me and Fafa then sit on the chair next to the stairs. at 9:43, the train comes. We said goodbye to an old lady that greet us when we sat next to her.

I sat on the courtesy chair first. Then  Fafa said to me that it was the courtesy chair (and I don’t know about that), so I change my seat. Right in Aobadai, just 1 station after Fujigaoka, I figured that my wallet has gone. I’ve peeked to the courtesy chair where I sat before and it’s not there. So I just guess that maybe it’s dropped  on the chair at Fujigaoka station… then rushed back to Fujigaoka after getting out the train at Tana Eki (just differ by 2 stations from Fujigaoka). I had Fafa’s teikiken card with me to go out the station, and Fafa surely can’t get out.

Maybe, it’s just 15 minutes after I left Fujigaoka and when I got back there, my wallet is not on the chair. Certain about I still have it when I entered the station because I need to touch my teikiken card (commuter pass, paid for 3 months that cost 12.160 yen) which is inside my wallet, i rushed to the information booth of Fujigaoka.

I’ve asked them whether they know about my wallet, and had Bahar phoned them to explain the situation and asking them to give announcement at the train that I’ve just use… But there’s no good news. I came to the police station at Fujigaoka eki too and yes, there’s no answer. I don’t even given a paper or something that explains “My name is Laras and I just lost my wallet”.

FYI, I used many drawings to explain  the station officer and the policemen what was happening to me. They nodded their head everytime I drew pictures. BUt when Bahar phoned them, he said that they actually don’t understand what I drew. Geeks… 

All my leftover paper money I brought fromIndonesia, 46.000 yen (I’m sure about it), Indonesian credit card, Indonesian driving license and ID card, student ID card of Tokyo tech and ITB, National Health Insurance Card (and I just got it for 1 day only), my dormitory pass card, were all in there.

I just have about 1200 yen left.

And i still have to go to Tsukushino.

I borrowed money from few friends.

I dont have any money to pay reissuing fee of my Tokodai ID card and dorm pass card.

I could pay 80% of my iPhone price (since I have to pay about 51000 yen when I returns to Indonesia) with the money I loose.

Ah, get out of it. Money isn’t everything, right? Maybe it’t time for me to have diet…

Thanks God I have my referigerator filled up with some food for 2 days or more, and I have Fafa who still have money to buy food and cook it… My scholarship will be sent to me next week (but Ms. Ohgushi said that she’s arranging so I could receive my scholarship sooner).


Let’s just hope everything will be fine to me, here now and then forever…


*and Yozzi, I loose all of your picture. But thanks, you’ve sent me the softcopy which I transferred it to the iPhone thereafter.


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