Japan Day One…

I’m having difficulties here by means of communication. My cellphone’s battery has out when I first activate it in Narita. I even couldn’t contact my tutor – Taisuke-san
– who would pick me at Tokyo City Air Terminal – to say that I was late.

The electricity plug here is a double thin jack – that’s another trouble. Of course I can’t charge my cell phone anywhere in Japan except if I have the adaptor plug.

I arrived at the dormitory around 12. Orientation session etc until 1 PM. And we found out that the internet is not ready to use because we have to subscribe first. It will be activated in a week or more! God, I just don’t know how to tell my family that I’ve arrived.

But, after that, me and Fafa head straight to our rooms, unpacking our baggage, planning to go shopping especially to buy the adaptor plug but an hour later we fell asleep. We’re soooo tired!

I’ve tried to use Dita’s cell phone to sms Mum and Yozzi but it failed! I don’t know what’s wrong and I give up that way. I woke up two hours later finding that now I’m in Japan and I really miss my family and Yozzi and my friends as well. Then I dashed downstairs to the common room to use public telephone, just to find that it’s 350 yen per minute to call Indonesia, not to mention the price to call an Indonesian cell phone. I’m sorry Mum but I can’t bear the fee.

Lonely and sad, I opened the “Cute strawberry” thing from my friends of industrial engineering 06 gave me at the airport. Although kurnia said that I have to open it one by one each day, I can’t bear to not open it all because I really missed them. So I opened it all and have my self crying… why can’t I contact them??? How can I contact them all???

The dormitory office closed every 5 PM on weekdays. I planned to borrow the office PC to send email but it’s almost 5.30 PM. But thanks God, Hachisuka-san allowed me to borrow her PC so I could send Yozzi an email about my condition here (I can’t use the PC too long). I told him to tell my Mum since he said in his email that he will meet my Mum tomorrow, this Saturday.

My big suitcase was delivered from Narita to dormitory and it arrived about 6 PM. After my belongings is complete, I did the final unpack and take a bath (finally!).

On 8.30 all of us (YSEP from Indonesia in umegaoka and X – chandra’s room mate from Thai) went outside looking for a food. Wandering to search for a ramen or discounted food, we – the moslems – finally eat McD’s cheese burger for 120 yen each (and each of us eat two, hehe) while the other’s (let’s call them Chinese group coz X is a Chinese also) eat Chinese food for 1000 yen each (mistakes happened! Hehe). We fly this far to Tokyo just to eat McD and Chinese food? Oh come on… but we don’t have much choice, especially for us the moslems.

After that, we wandered shop by shop to buy discounted food. I found hash browns and sardines discounted 50% — after lots of difficulties asking the cashier of the hash brown, cause I aint sure whether it’s a pure potato or not – bought those for our breakfast. Only 538 yen for two of those foods each… means 132 yen for each person. Quite savvy, isn’t it?

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