Japan day two and three

Lyta Liem, another PPI Tokodai member who has just graduated from her master program invited us to come to her place. Fellow YSEP members left many things in her house for us, from frying pan to winter jacket. She invited us by emails sent when we’re still in Indonesia. The trouble was, none of us remembered what the exact time of her invitation was! And her house also.. we just remembered that her house located in Nagatsuta.

So, we decided to wake up early, had a breakfast and ask our dormitory tutor named Yu Fang
(PhD student in Chandra’s lab) and hoped she would allow us to borrow her internet to open the email once again. But none of us woke up until 9… me and Fafa wake up in 7 something (we don’t know the exact time because none of us has a clock) only to pray late Subuh and sleep again. Hehe…

After breakfast, me and Risi who had taken a bath come to Yu Fang’s room but no one inside. While Fafa and Dita took a bath, we came downstairs and found Mbak Lyta and Pak LUrah Teddy (head of PPI Tokodai) greeted us. It’s almost 11.30 and they said the plan changed. That noon, after dzuhur, we were invited to come to Kang Asep’s place (another Master who has just graduate in the same time with Mbak Lyta). We knocked Chandra’s room – whose has not wake up yet, but he’s ready in just 15 minutes. What a blast!

We left Umegaoka dormitory at 12 past something. We went to Miyamaedaira Eki from Fujigaoka Eki. Buy boxes of tissues at Inagaya supermarket for me, and others bought few things too, then to Kang Asep‘s place, where we met a lot of other PPI Tokodai
members. They’re nice people and very warm (especially Mbak Lyta, she’s like a truly caring guide – or could be called as Mom I think – she’ll make sure that everything is okay and never refuse to not take us somewhere we’ve requested.

Oh the food in Kang Asep’s place is sooo Indonesian! There’s even bala-bala, or bakwan, or pia-pia, my favorite fries from Indonesia. All of the foods were made by Mbak Anti, a dentist and also Kang Heri’s wife. Her family will come back to Indonesia next week since Kang Heri‘s (mbak Anti’s husband) study has finished.

After so much tongue-blasting food treats, and we’re also bloated too, we rushed from Miyamaedaira to Nagatsuta Eki at 5 PM. We visited Kang Alvian‘s place first, to pray Maghrib – something that’s could not be done without Mbak Lyta and Mbak Rachma‘s help – that’s why I said PPI tokodai’s members are undoubtfully veerrrryy nice.

And if you’re looking for second hand goods, there’s one that I visited in Nagatsuta. It shop called “Hard-off” or something. If you know Babe, yah it’s similar like that but all the goods here are almost in 95% condition. And it has evertything, from electronics, winter jacket, knife, cooking utensils, furniture, books, toys… it’s just like an ordinary hypermarket store, you can get almost anything you want there, as long as you want to use it. The price varies depends of the condition, though, I look for a rice cooker. It has two similar rice cooker but with different price, one for 5200 yen and other for 4800 yen. But I don’t know new rice cooker price so I decided not to buy it. We got one from former YSEP members anyway, but the condition is really poor. I can peel its Teflon layer!

After Hard off store, we go to buy groceries in OK store. It said to be the cheapest supermarket, but I don’t really know. Then we went to eat at Kura-sushi! Almost all plates and dishes for 105 yen
included tax, consist of two sushi in average or beverages or desert. I don’t care, because it’s paid by all of ppi tokodai except us, the YSEP, as a welcoming dinner, hehe. But it’s cheap J I ate all of fish, squid, and tako sushi and they’re all taste good. Risiana on the other side, can’t stand for the raw food so she just ate some of them which were cooked, but of course there are not so much of them.

Because it’s already 11 after we ate sushi and the last train to fujigaoka is 12 pm, we decided to spend the night in Lyta’s house. We inherit so many clothes, including winter jacket, cooking utensils (and the rice cooker I mentioned before), also cosmetics from former YSEP members. The next morning, we have to bear all of the goods we brought from Lyta’s house, dragging it all up the slope, to Tsukushino station until the dormitory. It was such a pain! But Asril was such a great help, he’s another member of PPI tokodai who lives next to Lyta’s house.

at Hachiko monument in shibuya

We arrived in the dormitory around 7.30 AM and at 9.15 we have gone again to Shibuya. Risiana got to pray at the curch in Shibuya at 11 AM. Fafa didn’t join us, though, because she suddenly feel stomacache. We were guided by Mas Bayu
to explore Shibuya until Harajuku. It’s a long walk!

But we stopped at TEPCO museum
(Japan’s electric national company is Tepco), FREE ENTRANCE! There we can see nuclear reactor miniature by 1:3 scale, mind balls (we control the balls by our mind, though its sensor just measure or relaxing brain, the most relaxed person or the further the ball away from you is the winner), and even Aibo show! But Aibo only shows in weekdays and it was Sunday so we can’t see Aibo L

tepco's nuclear reactor miniature

When we walked across a path near NHK and Shibuya stadium, we saw a moslem mother waving at us. She walks about 10 m form her seat just to greet us and say salam, and ask whether we were Indonesian… I was speechless, and I think she’s kinda want to cry. Maybe she’s just too happy to see another moslem in Japan J

We went to Yoyogi park. Well don’t imagine a small park with only 10 trees, but it’s a huge place – sorry – HUGE park like FOREST! We were lost there also, cannot find the nearest exit to Harajuku. There are a lot of people there who were dating (normal), jogging with the dog (still normal), practicing a really cool guitar play (you can’t find it in Indonesia), and even practicing a play so seriously with loud voices, in front of the passing people(you would never find like that in Indonesia)!

Yoyogi park and the Gate to Meiji Jingu

After finally find the exit (though it’s not the nearest), we finally find Takeshita street. If you want to see people dressing so odd (because they’re actually doing a costume play or cosplay for short), that’s the street. It’s noon so not many of them wearing costumes like Lolita girl or school girl, Mas Bayu and Bahar (yeah, Bahar, Ipul, and Risiana met us at that place) said that there will be more in the night.

Crowded, reminds me of Dalem Kaum in Bandung, haha

Crowded, reminds me of Dalem Kaum in Bandung, haha

We kinda confused whether a group of Men in Black suits were doing cosplay, but nothing’s more than a group of people wear gothic costume. One of the girl even wear just a latex underwear, a white bra, and all of her body was covered by web like cloth, with boots also.


We ate at Hanamari Udon, pays 534 yen for a reallllly big bowl – actually it is medium size – of udon (me and Dita can’t finish it up while there had TWO couples changed beside us eating from the same size bowl) and 30 cm – 3 feet of tako tempura.

We still have the energy to go shop at 100 yen shop, DAISO – the biggest one is in Harajuku, you also can find Daiso in Paris Van Java, Bandung where the price is all 22.000 rupiah) and get the adaptor plug there! Finally, I can charge my cell phone and laptop.

Then we went to Meiji jingu (a temple). It’s located next to yoyogi park. When we came there, there were 3 couple of brides coming to the temple. Their kimonos were beautiful!

Japanese wedding at meiji jingu

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