Stay Updated from My Life in Japan

Yee-ha! I’m glad that my blog was read by Omura-san, a lady who works at Hub-office in Tokodai. She has a close relationship with everyone (I think), especially Indonesian fellows. We, the YSEP from Indonesia, were introduced to her by Asri a few days after we came to Japan.

Knowing that now my blog was read by many people in Tokodai since it has been listed on YSEP 2009 web lists; it encourages me to really write. I have some ideas in mind what to write (a month story is surely full of stories!) but I don’t have time to write.

And, apparently my room mate Fafa could write blogs almost everyday. So why don’t I?

I prefer to have a lot of talks with Mum and Yozzi, hehe… Ok, not just that. First weeks in here, I already have a lot of assignment given from my lab activity. It is to read some chapter of a book, make a resume, and then present it on an intern lab seminar. Also some reading task from my classes. Ah yeah and don’t forget to count PPI Tokodai activities, from meeting to perform a dance. All of it, makes me cannot have time to concentrate to write.

Ok, so now I’ll just write down the outline of what I am going to write. So, for you, my fans, which cannot wait for my stories, I hope a little bit outlines could make you a bit more patient to wait for my writings. Believe me; this blog has not ended yet! Hahahaha…



Page : YSEP

Thanks to YSEP by Tokodai program that now I’m in Japan. So, what is it? I’ll create a new page that will explain this program, from how to apply until how to finish it. Stay update to this page because it will be updated as the time goes…

KOUDAISAI and Indang Dance

Koudaisai is a festival to celebrate Tokyo Institute of Technology Anniversary. More than 100 stands of foods, lab exhibition, and games, and also flea market and Performance stages all in one area of Ookayama Campus on October 24 – 25, 2009. Here at Koudaisai, PPI Indonesia presented Indang Dance which is performed by 11 Indonesian students, that’s including me! 😀

Home Stay from Hippo Family Club

All foreign students in Tokodai are eligible to apply a one night home stay program organized by Hippo Family Member. My host lady, named Qoo-chan, is a nurse who really care for my favorite foods, that is, tuna sandwich, and she made it for my breakfast! Wait for my home stay story and also explanations about Hippo Family Club.

Lab life – Senoo Sensei Lab

My lab is under supervision of Senoo Sensei, which concentrates on knowledge management and friends and also organizational theory under Industrial Engineering and Management major of Tokodai. So, what am I doing in my lab and what it looks like? Wait for this writings to come up!

From Room 201 Umegaoka Dormitory

Umegaoka Dormitory is a dormitory provided by Tokodai to new foreign students. They can live there for 6 months until 1 year. My room number is 201, double room with all the facilities (including my room mate Fafa who facilitate my meal, hehe) provided is a place where I’ll live for the on going 1 year. Where it is located, how is the life there, advantages and disadvantages? Line up, fans!


Japanese culinary is interesting! From 3 kinds of noodles to sakana (fish) foods, all of them are really interesting to be told! And if you’re asking me why Japanese people are small and thin, check out this upcoming post.

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