Koudasai and Indang Dance

Koudasai is a Tokyo Tech Festival to celebrate Tokodai anniversary. This year, it was held in October 24-25th, Saturday and Sunday.

There are a lot of stands, from Indonesian stand to Iranian stand, Lab stands, and also Japanese people’s stands. They sold anything from titanium key chain that you can draw and color (Metallurgy Lab), hit-a-head game operated by their own head, and of course foods (takoyaki, yakisoba, choco-banana, Malaysian martabak, Indonesian bakso, Vietnamese Soup, Iranian Kebab, etc).

Beside the stands, several labs also did an open-house-like in their building. For example, a lab from Electrical Engineering Major at the 8th floor of my building (West 9) allows us to try a sound sensor and coloring a draw by using your own voice. I didn’t have much time to see all the labs open house, though, so I can’t tell you more. I even didn’t attend my lab party at Saturday because I was too busy to take care of the Indonesian stand.

Performing stages are also there. But again, because of my work in Indonesian Stand, I didn’t have time to see any performance; I even didn’t get the booklet of the shows!

Ah, and don’t forget the flea market. Flea market in Japan is organized by some organization and usually they have flea market schedule in their web site. In flea market, you can get a very cheap price for any goods (and bargain-able too!); it depends on what they sell though. Sometimes the goods are new but sometimes second hand. But what can I tell you is, even if it’s second hand, third, fourth, and so on, it’s usually still in a good condition because Japanese people are neat in caring the goods.

I buy a wallet since I haven’t found my lost wallet for 300 yen. I also bought a rami bag for 300 yen (And everyone say that it’s cute) and another cute pink bag for 150 yen only. Hehe.. *women really can’t stand for cute goods and low price :D*

Ok let’s stop talking about the goods I bought :p

PPI Tokodai opened an Indonesia Stand, and we obviously took a part in opening the stand. Our stand sold bakso (meatballs) and Toraja coffee. Skip the preparation story, at d-day, I have a job from frying pangsit to cook vermicelli and sing for a small charity concert for Padang Earthquake’s victims in front of the stand. The selling is quite good J.Grossly; we sold about 500 bowl of bakso. And lot of Japanese people asks for sambal too (very spicy one!). Unfortunately, we’re out of sambal at the second day so lots of bakso buyers a little bit disappointed.

I also dance Indang which was performed at Sunday noon with all Indonesian YSEP, one packet of Mas Teddy and Mbak Lyta, Mbak Akino the trainer and Mbak Ana.

Although my host lady, Qoo chan cannot come to our performance, and we’re a bit disappointed that we were not performing at the outdoor stage (we performed at indoor stage inside the gymnasium where not so much people knew), and I also made a mistake at the very beginning of the dance, we were relieved that we have done our first performance. We did practicing almost every week and almost everyday in the last week of performance, and it was paid off. We can’t say that it’s perfect, but it’s the best from all of our practices J Several YSEP students watched us too and I was very happy because of that (thanks friends! And I’m sorry for making such noises at the dorm every night, hehehe).

Ah. Can you see that I was wearing black costume while all the girls wear red? Due to a human error, we ordered 6 red costumes and 6 black costumes. Since the girls were 6 and the boys were 5, and I was in the center, I have to wear that black one.


After that, we were gonna perform again at Kawasaki City Festival, Welcome Party for Tokodai International Student, and I just heard today when I write this blog that we have another offer to perform at i-dunno-what-city. So what am I trying to say is, I’ll be coming back to Indonesia as a dancer instead of researcher. Haha…



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2 thoughts on “Koudasai and Indang Dance

  1. meriororen says:

    lahhh,, koq baru ngepost ini. ya gapapa lah, haha, siap2 diporsir lagi.. wkwkwk

  2. Tina says:

    Nice post. I thought to let you know that you website wasn’tt getting displayed properly on thunderhawk mobile web browser on my mobile phone.

    Have agood time…sorry for typos

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