10 Things I Can Never Stop to Eat

True! I can’t stop eat them if one of these conditions has not been satisfied:

  1. Very bloated
  2. Start to consider about money


What are they?

  1. Chicken cream soup

    It should be CHICKEN, and CREAM SOUP. Not just an ordinary chicken soup.

    That’s why my email is always “chickencreamsoup” and I’ve never think to change to a formal one 😛

  2. Tuna Mayo Sandwich

    I still remember the first time I ate it. It’s in my Uncle’s villa in Puncak, Bogor (cold one, surrounded by tea field on mountains!). My aunt made tuna mayo sandwich for breakfast and that’s when I start to like it very much.

    My recipe: tuna chunks in oil (canned), with onion, and mayonnaise in two loaf of bread.

  3. Meat Lover Pizza

    I love pizza. Especially Pizza Hut, because it’s the only one known brand for pizza in Indonesia (and “meat lover” is a name for one of Pizza Hut’s pizza topping). I don’t like thin Italian pizza; I like the thick one with only MEAT as the toppings. Hehe…

  4. Hamburger

    It should not be ham! One bun is never enough!

    These picture below is the Blenger Burger (Blenger means something like “when you are very bloated, you’re dizzy”), which is famous for the BIG burger in Jakarta. For this one, one is enough J

  5. Potato dishes

    Any potato dishes, from “Perkedel” (mashed and fried potato – Indonesia one), Hash Browns, French Fries, Wedges, Pom Pom, Mashed… anything! I like to make my own potato dish, which should be hash brown but turned to pom pom. But my mother’s Potato SchÖtel is never bad, it’s always very good.

  6. Garlic bread

    If you like chicken cream soup, you should like garlic bread too. It is one packet and I won’t change it to other substitute bread. I like to make it myself too with Baguette which turn out to be burnt L

  7. Ongol-ongol

    Don’t you think that I love western food very much? Probably… But none cannot change Ongol-ongol, which is a traditional dish from Indonesia. When you say “Ongol-ongol”, it sounds like “chewy and pillowy”. Made from rice flour and coconut milk, easy to make but somehow very rare in Indonesia L

  8. Balado cassava chips

    Bet it, you can only found cassava chips in Indonesia. Especially the balado (spicy) one, if you start eating one, you won’t be able to stop. It’s just like drugs!

  9. Takoyaki

    Here comes the Japanese snack! Eat it while it’s hot and feel your tongue burnt, haha…

    Ps: I got the picture from http://tokyo5.wordpress.com and I suggest you to read it J

  10. Ayam Pop

    Ayam pop (translated : POP CHICKEN) came from West Sumatera which is well known for its Padang Food. All of Padang Food is reaaaaaaaaaly spicy but this one is sooo plain. I don’t know how they make it but I heard it has to be cooked with coconut oil and then fried. And one thing’s obvious is; it’s a white chicken J

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3 thoughts on “10 Things I Can Never Stop to Eat

  1. lumierre9 says:

    so how’s the condition in japan since it’s so difficult to get some of those food??
    5 & 8 idem 😀
    yg nomer 5 sih terutama ini: http://lighttheworld.wordpress.com/2008/04/23/my-special-fried-potatoes/ …hehehehe…
    kalo yg nomer 8 ampe minta kiriman dr indo, masi ada 1 bungkus di kamar 😀

  2. meongijo says:

    kayak toge mas.. hahahahaha…. wah aku juga suka tuh tapi yang dikasih bumbu merah lengket2 ga tau apaan kayak yang di nasi kuning.

    ga terlalu kangen juga ama semua makanan itu… kalo ada baru lah ga bisa berhenti. judulnya kan bukan 10 things i love to eat. hahaha…

    tapi yang no 8, MAU!!! kalo berkenan.. *langsung ngiler*

    • lumierre9 says:

      hahaha…soalnya dipotongnya kecil2…hehehe…
      kalo yg lengket2 itu biasanya pake gula jawa+cabe sih…nyokap sering bikin soalnya (maklum, usaha catering :P), cm ga dibikin panjang2 gt, tp tipis2 ky potato chips…kmrn ni jg ada, tp baru aja diabisin…hahaha…soalnya kalo lama2 jadi ngga terlalu enak sih, paling enak kalo baru beres dimasak masi anget2 gt…hehehe…

      oo…kirain demen bgt…jd blm kangen mknn indo nih??

      kalo mau yg nomer 8 dateng ke sini aja, ntar dibagi dikit deh :))

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