too much in my head

I wake up this morning to find out that it’s more than 1 hour and half past to pray subuh. Rushed, and forgive me God for being so late.

I wake up again the second time to find out that Fafa has already want to leave. That was 10 AM.

I realized that I have already woken up when I remember that assignment from Lab to be handed tomorrow. That’s the reason why I wake up very late because I still did the assignment until past 2 AM.

And still, it was nowhere from finishied.

Smsed Yeo told him that I could not make it to TISA lunch gathering. Second time I can’t go because of stupid reason : assignment.

Thanks God today my Strategic Innovation class was cancelled because the British-accent-woman-lecturer was going abroad. So i just stay in my dorm, to be precisely, in front of my laptop whole day eating chocolate and try to finish the assignment.

Now it’s half to go. But my mind already buzzed by some electricity generated by brain cells which seemed don’t want to cooperate. Then i opened facebook, doing some junk, changing my BUddy Poke avatar and saw Chandra encouraging me.


Dita was right, when she told me that I’m too much pressurized by assignments. Maybe I should take it a bit lightly. But I can’t! I cannot ask someone here. I’m all by myself now. I have to squeeze my brain alone just to produce 2 answers of 2 silly question about someone’s theory! It’s something that I don’t really know…

Opened my mailbox and found my friend in my home university, same year, has already accepted at BCG, well known consulting company with horrors about “Workaholic” and “Too smart people” clouding me. She hasn’t graduated at all, but well yeah she got it in the middle of economic recession (congrats :D).

I wonder where my future lies when I just sit here, too stupid just to answer 2 questions, and run to wordpress just to give away this story.

Stupid me.


6 thoughts on “too much in my head

  1. meriororen says:

    keknya bener deh, lw terlalu take it seriously ras.

    gak usa dipikirin semua kale, pikirin yang lagi dikerjain aja,
    satu per satu..

    happy brain-squeezing! =)

  2. fakhria says:

    Hehehe… laras emang bagus bahasa inggrisnya,, *mudah2an roomate nya ketularan..

    hhmm kerjakan tugas dengan senang ras.. pasti akan lebih ringan.. anggap saja kamu sedang dalam misi menyelamatkan perusahaan dari kehancuran.. dan perusahaan tersebut adalah perusahaan penting bagi peradaban umat manusia.. *rada lebay sih, haha. tapi emang aku kadang suka melebaykan diri biar semangat ngerjain tugasnya..

    tips yang aneh… hehe
    btw, “bangunn ras… udah jam 8 nih.. kucing2 kamu minta makan tuh” * teriak2 di wordpress saat kamu masih tertidur pulass

  3. chemieingenieur says:

    This is the first time i visit your weblog…
    Seeing this post, i can’t give you any old-man-like advice (because it’s already too late and too “basi”), so i can just say: GANBARE!!! \(^_^)/
    I add your weblog to my blogroll..yoroshiku

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