And the result was…

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Last Tuesday (okay, 火曜日 です), I had the seminar where the assignment (which made me really crazy) was discussed.

I don’t know that there’s a page limit to the assignment, of 1 B4 page, while mine is 4 A4 pages or 8 B4 pages. My tutor told me about that 1 day after I have sent my assignment. Then he said that mine will be edited by the person who collect the assignment.

I was relieved.

But when I see the copies of assignment that were given to us all, mine wasn’t edited. Worse thing is, it even got longer because the person who “edit” those assignment seemed to add a page break between my 2 diagrams.

I can’t understand Japanese. So I didn’t have to hear whether they were questioning on my work, or laughing at it.. I didn’t know. But somehow I feel  that they’re talking about my assignment.

What I fear most, is my professor himself.

I think I haven’t left a good impression on him, because what all that I did seems insufficient enough to make him look at me. I mean, as a good student, not as an exchange student who just run and play.

Mine was placed at the latest pages of the assignment compilation. One by one, it was discussed.

Then it reached 2.50 after the assignment before mine was discussed. Suddenly everybody start to prepare their things and left… could it be that mine was not going to be discussed??

In slow motion, I saw my Sensei’s mouth opened, and speaking in Japanese of something like, “Do you have any comment for Laras’s assignment?”

The student who collect and compiled the assignment seemed to say “No”.



All of them were getting out of the class.

I just stared blankly.

My “hard work” on my assignment, didn’t even on my lab friend’s minds.


Back to the lab.

I found that again, my umbrella was gone for the second time in the lab.

2 thoughts on “And the result was…

  1. batari says:

    kalau gue bilang ras, don’t be so hard on yourself.
    you did what you can do. kesalahan2 kecil kayak ga tahu limit assignment, biar jadi pelajaran buat nanti2, ga usah terlalu dipikiriin 🙂

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