I love sale but I was lost to Haneda…

Today, I rushed to catch the earliest train from Fujigaoka to Eda, at 5.10. Only for UNIQLO sale!

Man, i really can’t stand to SALE. I always almost buy things on sale. That Uniqlo thing, is already cheap, Japanese people said. When I know that, I promise I’d never touch Uniqlo because my apparels were enough for me to survive for 1 year in Japan. I don’t want to spend another yen just for clothing, because I’ve already put my best effort to sent my 28 kg luggage from Narita to dormitory, and the other 10 kg I had to drag it all along Narita to dormitory. That 28 kg-luggage case, was only for my clothings. So?

When yesterday night, Mas Andy told me about there was going to be sale on UNiqlo, on 6 AM in the morning, only for 60 first persons or 200 first persons depend on the item on sale, I’ve suddenly think that, “Oh my! I don’t have any winter jacket! I don’t have enough long jane… and I think i have to buy sweater too because I never had sweater!”

Yeah, I decided that I have to buy something at Uniqlo. Simply break my promise.

Sleep for just 3 hours, take a bath night before so in the morning i don’t have to bath again, and also preparing tuna mayo sandwich for breakfast on the queing line. I did all of that, just for the crazy sale!

BUt when we came there, the line was already snaked… When the shop opens at5.30, we’re even not the first 60 nor 200.

I didn’t get that crazy sale.

But I still buy a lot of things on sale, altough they didn’t cut the price as high as the previous but already closed sale items.

At 7, we (with Fafa, Dita, and Risi) has finished shopping. Ah, not yet. We planned to go to flea market in tachiagawa – 1 hour from mizonokuchi — since yesterday. So when Dita and Risi came back to the dorm, I went to my lab because I don’t want to spend another 1 hour just to go to the dorm again, vice versa. I waited for them until 9.40 and then rushed to Mizonokuchi to meet Dita and Risi again.

Yah, after 1 hour in the train, we finally arrived at Tachiagawa. Suddenly a man said “Assalamualaikum” to me and Dita and offered us coffee from vending machine. He’s a moslem and i think he’s just to happy to see another muslim in Japan. I shook my head, but Dita said yes. My… I don’t like coffee… He puts 100 yen for each of us so we can get any 100 yen drink which were only coffee. I murmured “I don’t like coffee” and pointed my finger to milk tea, which costs 130 yen — unconsciously.

I was really embarrased to did something like that. He has to put another coins so he could say, “Fine. Take whatever you want.”

Me and Dita and Risi, at the end, got the milk tea for each of us.

Anyway, we hunt for boots in the flea market and finally got something boot shaped but I’m not sure whether it’s have a girly or masculine look for 900 yen. Risi got the best boots really suits for her, I think, at the same price. Pity for Dita, she didn’t find any boots suits for her quite big foot for Japanese people.

So she just bought a cheap boots fits on her siz but bad on design. Which I’m sure she’d not used it too often, that’s why she bought that very cheap one.

And I spend another quite lot yen there again, to be converted maybe about 1 million rupiah in total for UNiqlo sale and the flea market. Ah I really can’t stand to cheap price 😛

Dita and Risi went to Shibuya. I want to get to the dorm as quickly as possible because I haven’t pray, I’m really tired, and I have a lot of homework.

The train that I used, is not the usual train I use for everyday dorm-campus commuting. It’s even a different company. So when I want to change for the express train on the other line, like what I used to do when I want to change for express in Saginuma St., I didn’t know that it’s heading for Haneda airport, express one.

I heard that the announcement said it’s going to Haneda. BUt i have no idea where Haneda was! And I thought I will pass Kawasaki with the train heading for Haneda. And that was express!

The train door opened. I was still confused whether that was the right train or not. But something hissing in my brain, “Just try, you won’t know i f you don’t try!”

So i stepped inside and in a matter of seconds the train door closed.

Then I realized that everyone in the train has luggage with them.

I checked at the map inside the train, the express train surely went to Haneda, directly, and not to Kawasaki, which appear to be the other line of the map.



Called Risi and said I was heading to Haneda. But the signal suddenly gone because the train passed a tunnel.

Can I stop at the next local station?

Of course not, that was a silly question.

What I’m afraid were, I haven’t prayed and it’s nearly out of time, I didn’t know how long does it take to Haneda. What I know is Haneda is really far.

Btw I jsut have 150 yen money left in my wallet, and my pasmo balance was 500 only. If I managed to get to Haneda and supposed to take a train back, but I have to pass the ticket gate first, my pasmo balance surely all be gone. And I won’t have enough money to take a train back to that silly station.

Can I just ask the station information officer to kindly let me not pass the gate?

Perhaps 10 minutes later I arrived at Haneda station, underground. To go back to Kawasaki, I thought that there’s no need to pas the ticket gate because there are other line heading to the opposite line.


haneda station



BUt i have to make sure right?

“Sumimasen, can you speak english?”

“No.. no…”

Epp… I jsut leave him and try to find the time tables. Yeah one of them is the line for Kawasaki, but which one?

Then I emitted all of my knowledge what I learned from my course on Japanese language, which just runs for 5 meetings.

“Sumimasen, kono densha wa.. doko e… eh! Kawasaki ikimashita ka?”

It’s another guy, and he point at the line which I came with. Huh? So the line is just one for 2 ways?

Confused. I asked again to the train officer which suddenly popped in front of me.

“Kawasaki ikimasu ka?”

He nodded and pointed at that line. The same line.

Okay for now maybe I just have to believe them. If I get lost again, then it will be my fault for not knowing where I want to go to.

Thanks God I returned to Kawasaki. My praying time was gonna be finished in 10 minutes though. So I look for a toilet, get wudlu…. But I didn’t know, I suddenly took a different path from JR Nambu line which I got to continue for my train trip, and found an empty alley where I could pray peacefully!

Thanks God!!!!!

And I arrived safely at home, 1 hour later 😀

But somehow, a pride comes in my heart :


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7 thoughts on “I love sale but I was lost to Haneda…

  1. lumierre9 says:

    abis 1man??ckckckck…
    beli apaan aja emg??
    gw jg tdnya ga berniat beli banyak2 selama di jepang, krn emg ga suka belanja, tp krn winter ini jadi beli macem2 jg, apalagi kmrn sale jg…btw, kmrn gw ngantri yg jam 11, dpt tuh…hehehe…udah dateng dr jam 10 kan, trs antriannya br dibuka jam 10.30 tp org2 cm dikit yg udah ngantri sblm dikasih pengumuman (masih pada sibuk belanja2), jadi dapet antrian cukup depan deh…hehehe…

  2. meriororen says:

    not very amusing experience (for you) indeed (or not?), but yes, worth to tell! =D

  3. M.Asri says:

    Nah kan bener..Bu Farida gak usah khawatir bu.., laras ga usah dijagain juga dah gesit, dah bisa nyasar ke haneda lagi : )

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