Home Stay

Thanks to Hippo Family Club, we’re able to have a very nice home stay with our host families 🙂

For YSEP, we could have the one night stay home stay program in October or in November. I myself have it in October (but forgot the exact date, sorry). In early October, we had the very first gathering with Hippo Family Club members, regarding whether you stay in October or November, host families or not… they even brought a guest name Michael, he’s a YSEP student looooong time ago and he’s still in contact with Hippo Family Club. He’s still continuing his study at Tokodai, though.

I think Hippo Family Club is not based in Japan only, maybe it scattered all around the world. My host family group had recently visited Mexico with help of Hippo Family Club Mexico. So, I think this is a very good organization to learn languages and have friendships among nations. FYI, because of their activities, Hippo Family Club members could at least speak 20 languages 😀 They know Bahasa Indonesia too, they greeted me with “Apa khabar?” (right, with “kh”) and “Terima kashi” (I’m not miswrite it, they write it like that also.. haha).

Ahhhh I haven’t introduced my host family… er to precisely, “home lady”.

Kumiko Okamoto

Name : Kumiko OKAMOTO

Hippo name : Qoo chan

Job : nurse

Age : pssst it’s a secret! Better to prevent talking about age and money to Japanese people 🙂

She lives alone here in Tokyo, near my campus in Oookayama. But, both me and she are quite busy so we seldom visited each other. I’ve just meet Qoo chan 2 times until i write this. One for the one night home stay program and another one for Kimono Dressing! And for both of the event, I’ve to wait for her with Risvan host family (Fujiko chan) because Qoo chan had to finished her work first 😦 but that’s ok! She’s a very nice person, and I like her tuna mayo sandwich.. hahaha..

Fujiko-chan and me

Shortly, me, Fafa, and Risvan is in the same Hippo Family group because they lived near to each other (well there are Aki and Taisuki too who often accompany us). So for these two times we met each other, me, Fafa, and Rivan will always meet again. Ah, and for the one night stay, we had an インドネシア人 named Awan. He has worked in Japan now, but long ago he’s just a Tokodai student who had stayed with Hippo Family Club member too (dunno whom).

We visited school sport festival in Ota-ku area at Sunday… we played the games, and until now I always laughed when I remembered Kiki’s husband felt embarrased to try his ability in one physical exercise (I don’t know the name, sorry). He can’t do that well so he told us not to see him doing that. haha…

School Sport Festival

We visited a flea market at ishikawadai area and then eat curry rice at Nepalese Restaurant 😀 they had to seek for halal food so we can et… huhuhu so nice 😀 And last we visited Senzoku Ike (lake) in Ota-ku.

Eating Curry

That was so much fun!

Somewhere in November, me and Fafa and Risvan invited to wear Kimono. Yuri, friend of them, were available to help us wearing kimono that day. They said, even Japanes people can’t wear Kimono by themselves, they had to get help from the others. Too bad for Risvan he couldn’t make it on time to Fujiko-chan’s house (he’s playing futsal) so he didn’t have any photo in Kimono 😀

Raffles, me, and Fafa in very tight kimono!!

Ah, but we had another guest, Raffles, another Tokodai Indonesian Master student which having his one night stay program with his host family. After that kimono dressing event, we went lunch together, and visit Ikegami Shrine. At that day, children’s went to shrine to pray, so we could see a lot of kids wearing very beatiful kimono. I also noticed the difference between student type kimono (the one that Raffles wear in the kimono) and Samurai type kimono because of those children 😀

In front of the Ikegami Shrine gate

I’m looking forward for our next activities with them in Japan (especially when Qoo chan get married.. I hope she will.. hahaha)

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