What Does It Feel to be Loved by You

As every woman in this world wants to be

showered with love words every time

always be told with good words

never told lies

worried every time

really loved every second

that he said

i will make you happy

i won’t make you sad

i think about you every time

i promise to be with you forever

and I

don’t have to wish for that

You’ve already there doing those things

That sometimes I get bored with those

sometimes feel that you’re doing too much

sometimes I hoped that it would change

But then I realized how stupid I was

to want to get rid of those things

where women usually whining that “why mine doesn’t like that?”

You’re not even like what my prince looked like in my dreams

But you just stood there

Telling me that you’re handsome

and you know what?

It always made me laugh

You always made me laugh

How can I be sad if I’m with you?

You’re the one who cries when I should cry

You always said that

It’s for you

I’m doing all of this just for you

so what could I say?

From everything I know

it’s you that made me very happy

it’s you,

that I love.


4 thoughts on “What Does It Feel to be Loved by You

  1. meriororen says:

    orang2 lagi pada sentimental.. =| heuheheuhe.. gak blognya risvan gak blognya lw..

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