Grunting for WordPress

All that I need is just freedom to blog!

After few days investigating, I’ve just found out that WordPress can’t give me “Freedom” like I want!

  1. Very limited templates


  2. I cannot use customized templates, except for the very few customized templates that WordPress has (just 1!)



  3. Limited gallery… and everytime I post an item with pictures in it, it would be automatically uploaded to my gallery and reducing my limited space




Well, of course that was for the free wordpress blog. If I upgrade the space, I’d get the media player widget. But still, I can’t customize the layout of my blog using my own template… I have to use wordpress engine, which is hosted by another 3rd party and it won’t be free.


Ah come on, I’m just a personal blogger. I’m not a corporate blogger. All that I need is just easiness to use and freedom just like that…



And do you know what is most irritating? I could get rid from all that 4 things I mentioned above on Blogger.


I really regret to put my main blog on WordPress. I thought WordPress was good because lots of people are using it, and it seemed like professional. Oh well, okay, it is professional indeed, that’s why you have to pay to be professional. For those reason, I left my Blogger blog (actually my previous active blog was on Friendster and


I’m thinking to move my blog to Blogger…. What do you think?


5 thoughts on “Grunting for WordPress

  1. [Gm] says:

    I guess it depends on what you need. I am more into content than appearance. I love wordpress (and dislike blogspot) because it provides everything I need. WP also works great with my favourite offline blogging tools – Blogdesk.

    Yeah, template can be an issue for once in a while, but I am still happy with what I have now :-).

    Limited space? Well, I have been blogging (at WP) since June 2006, and so far I only used 11.8MB of 3GB, only .4% used. Beside, there’s always a way to get around it. You can host the file somewhere (flickr, youtube or wherever) and put the link in your post. I upload all of my files to WP, and still only use .4% of my space :D…

    But, at the end of the days, it depends on what you need.

    Btw, here’s a link of blog comparison ( written by Mr. Budi Rahardjo, one of ITB lecturer. Please mind that it was last updated in 2008, so some features might be obsolete.

    Good luck with your choice :-)…

  2. meongijo says:

    Pak Budi Raharjo? Wah legendaris tuh orang. Hampir semua anak elektro 2006 jadi ketularan bikin blog gara2 beliau.
    And he got really lot of blogs! ck ck…
    really thanks for the links. yeah you’re right, it depends on what i need. for now i need something fancy, haha…
    so blogspot don’t have any statistic features? guess i have to trade it off to another…

    • [Gm] says:

      You might want to try They are using WP platform, and I think (I must emphasize the word ‘think’ there’) they allowed you to customize the CSS on your theme.

      The downside is… it takes forever to open it from outside Indonesia.

      Well, nothing’s perfect 😀

    • lumierre9 says:

      kalo mau dapet semuanya ya cari hostingan trus pake wordpress di situ…bisa dimodif sesukanya…web hosting kan murah jg, ada yg cm bbrp puluh ribu per tahun…tp kalo cm mentingin tampilannya ya di blogger aja…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hello From America,

    Try tumblr. You can post photos, videos, text, etc. And there are great templates to choose from and most are able to be customized.

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