I want my DSLR

Yesterday, after visiting Top Career 2011 at Tokyo International Forum (for 留学生), I got myself stuck at 7-story BIC CAMERA Yurakuchoo, right in front of the building.

I can’t tell you much about what I saw from 1st to 5th floor since I have no story about that! Haha… But when I came to B2 at last, which is a floor full of camera, I can’t help myself to take a look. I really want to buy a camera, but I was still thinking not to buy it since I didn’t like photography at all.

My iPhone 3GS camera is not adequate for me who wants to zoom anything. But I’m quite satisfied with its auto-focus feature and self adjusting light (although it’s still not so good for me). And I have to be satisfied because i have to pay 70,ooo yen (7 million rupiahs) for this gadget which couldn’t do multitasking (but I loved its human design).  Since that was too much for me, then I decided not to buy a camera at all here in Japan.

But lately, I’d like to take a photo with Dita’s DSLR Camera, which she bought from Bahar, whom provoked her to buy his SLR. I have no sense of photography at all! I can’t tell whether this photo is good or not. But I like the photo which has rich detail etc etc which I couldn’t found on any other camera but DSLR.

So… when I went to the digital camera booth, I really have no idea which digital camera I want. As long as it’s touch screen, I’d probably buy it (now I’m a touch screen maniac!). I think the new Sony Cybershot which could optimize photos taken at low light is quite good.

しかし、at Sony SLR camera booth, it has pictures of cats taken by Sony DSLR displayed! I saw it all and I think it’s a good idea if I could take a picture of whoever-gonna-be-my-cat or just ordinary alley cats with DSLR. Suddenly I want an SLR!

Huhu… but to think that I am esthetically dumb, and have no idea about photography (I do not even know about lenses!), I have to think maybe quite hundred times before buying that reallly expensive camera.

And there’s another disadvantage, I was used to be in the photo because I seldom take pictures. If I had that DSLR, I’d probably ended in nobody’s photos. But maybe I could trade it off by having my Flickr or Picasa… hehehe

Aaargh.. all that I need is to take a good photo of cats!


8 thoughts on “I want my DSLR

  1. [Gm] says:

    Photography is a new thing for me. And it’s FUN! It doesn’t have to be dSLR, I think all cameras are fun to go with, even iPhone camera. Check these websites for shots using iPhone:

    Tokyo Times (http://tokyotimes.posterous.com/)
    Sasurau (http://sasurau.posterous.com/)
    *you may find several cat shots, too :D…

    logically, you can do more with dSLR camera… check tokyotimes (http://tokyotimes.org/) for incredible daily photos…

    And, if in the end of the day, you decide to buy a dSLR, I would recommend you to buy Nikon D40. It’s small, light, easy to use, great for entry level, and rather cheap (Nikon has stopped the production of this camera, but you can still get a new one for around JPY 38,000).

    I am a Nikon D40 user, and I approve this message… Hahahaha…

    So, whichever camera you choose/have, let’s have fun with photography. Interested in photo hunt?

    • meongijo says:

      wow… did those iphonegraphers edit the photo? original iphone camera don’t have such a feature like black and white, but I’m quite shocked that playing with the autofocus-lighting could produce such a good ones!

      thanks for giving me the link. I’ve ordered canon g11 yesterday ^_^

      • [Gm] says:

        I don’t think they digitally edit the photo. Probably they cropped or edit a little (for watermark, brightness and such… but nothing much). The moment and composition are still the most important skills that they have.

        Nevertheless, I believe they are using several iphone apps, depends on the needs (b/w, tilt-shift, etc). I believe you can get the apps at itunes. I have not try it myself, I am more fond in using my Nikon rather than iphone :D.

        Powershot G11? from several reviews on the net, I believe it’s a great camera :-). How much was it?

        So, now that you’re ready… let’s hunt some cats (for photo-shoot)! :D…

      • meongijo says:

        I’m in! anything for cats!
        *nyari dimana tapi ya? yah pokoknya kalo mo berburu meong aku ikuttt

        @amazon via kakaku + COD about 40sen yen. Really? Well then I’m relieved if other said it’s a great camera. Actually at first Bahar said its better to get G10 (like he has), but I said i prefer a new one so now I’m wating for my g11 to arrive. yippie!

        after i looked at those link yesterday night, i took my iphone and take a shoot on Asri’s guitar, which turned out to be so… I don’t know to judge it. I don’t even know which one’s good or not! hehehehe

      • [Gm] says:

        *bingung sayah, mau komen pake B. Indonesia atau English…

        Nyari di mana? Wah, itu mah bisa di mana saja. Dua minggu lalu aku dan Yudo (senpaimu itu) berburu foto di pinggir sungai, en nemu empat ekor kucing lucu, tidak di tempat yang sama, tapi kami perkirakan masih berhubungan darah hihihi. Liat aja di flickr-nya Yudo.

        40rebu yen? Wow… mahal juga :D… menurut review sih G10 emang pemenang banyak award sih.

        Tanggal 26 Des-6 Jan ini kami (aku dan #Q) bakalan cat-sitting (seekor kucing Russian Blue) di rumah temen kami karena mereka mau liburan ke Indo. Dan mereka juga mengijinkan kami membawa teman. Kalau berminat, ya silakan saja datang, sekalian nyobain kamera baru hehehe.

  2. [Gm] says:

    Sigh, my comment is caught by akismet (awaiting moderation). Probably because I put too many links. :(…

    Please, release me. 😀

  3. meongijo says:

    ahhhhh MAU!!!! *makasih makasiiiiiih*
    kucingnya buat aku aja gimana???? hehehehe…
    *pake bahasa campur2 sajalah :P*

    waw russian blue pula :3 tapi aku ga ngeganggu bulan madunya kan yaaaa 😛 (mbak kino, peace!)
    asyik2… kabarin lagi ya mas goyo. aku tanggal 25-27 ski, jadi tanggal 28 nya mau dong kesana 😛

    yaaaay yaaaay yaaay
    gonna see cat
    gonna pet cat
    gonna play wit cat
    gonna take a picture of cat
    gonna gonna gonna be wit cat! :3

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