That OraBrush…

I was convinced by this youTube video

And… it offers the OraBrush product for free. So I went to the website…

Step 1 : Give OraBrush to a friend

but it’s actually just to publish the video advertisement to your friend. I mean, to all of your friend.

Step 2 : Be a Fan of OraBrush

Yes, I’ve already be a fan of OraBrush and somehow I get the feeling that “Now I’m in the bad breath group”

Step 3 : Get it for free

But you have to pay for the shipment fee from Utah, USA. It will cost me around $5, 500 yen, or Rp. 50.000 just to ship one OraBrush to Japan.

Expensive, you know, for just a fluffy tongue scraper.

So I googled  “Ora Brush Japan” to find out if they’re already sold in Japan. Returns no answer for my question, but the first line of the google search showed a boy/girl who really wanted OraBrush but his/her parents said that it’s not valueable enough.

Surprisingly, one of the reader answered that

its probably expensive and alot of other things can clean your tongue, there are many types of tongue scrapers. some are somtimes on the back of the toothbush head. a tongue scraper where you hold both ends works really well!. and they are cheap or you can get them from you dental office if they have any

Well, I could say it’s true. There’s also a lot of testimonials whether OraBrush really worked or not, on average they said it worked.

But to spend 500 yen just for new innovation of tongue scraper? It’s better to wait for another company produce the same thing locally and I’d get better price.

The thing is, the way that OraBrush promoting its product is good, I think. Well it just need to make a simple video which won’t cost you lot, upload it on YouTube, create a website of the product, and set a strategy to increase brand awareness. Advertisement on Facebook, put the video on YouTube, and the ultimate thing which is to make you post the video to your friend (I have more than 1000 friend and I’ve helped them to promote it to 1000 people just in a single click, effortlessly).

I’m just one person. How if OraBrush could get 1000 people like me who want OraBrush for free so badly so they won’t hesitate to publish it on their news feed? That could be 1 million people got the information, at almost no cost. And don’t forget that these first 1 million people who got the information could publish it again to their another friend, and so on, and son on, so basically the graph of the information reach rise exponentially. Moreover, it across national border while OraBrush is located in USA. It offered to ship OraBrush to many countries including Indonesia, as long as you want to pay the shipment fee. *But the fact is, I won’t know which country that OraBrush could ship the product if I didn’t pass step 1*

Smart. And here you can see how powerful a SNS (social networking system) and how a company could benefit from it.

But what I mentioned here haven’t included another SNS side, that could allow you to discuss about this product and multiply the information effect. I’ve just read “Wisdom of Crowd” book and it said that people tend to herd. If the early adopters of these product found it useful, and share this information via SNS, their friend basically would believe that it is useful. So lot of people will herd to one circle that all of them agreed about the product usefulness. This circle will get bigger and bigger as the outer people of the circle affect his/her another friend. This effect would be done effortlessly by SNS such as Facebook, where you can give the information in just a single click.

The trouble is, how if the early adopters find it is useful but actually it is not? Will the herding take place too? The answer is yes. The follower will judge the product based on early adopter’s judgement (it is useful), not by looking by their own eyes. Well, generally people are like that. But some people, which has overconfident, dare to breaks out from the circle by simply judging it by their own judgement. If they said, “this product is not useful” and they don’t care what generally other people are saying, they could get out from the herding effect and then they could build another circle of “this product is not useful” — if they have influence and another follower to do that.

I think i was saved by some people who could break out from the circle of “OraBrush is essential”. Or else, maybe I had spent another 500 yen just to get a tongue scraper…

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9 thoughts on “That OraBrush…

  1. ugg outlet says:

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    • meongijo says:

      wah.. i dunno what I should say but really thanks for your comment 😀
      it sounds really deep…

      *although I’m sorry to say this; i don’t fully understand the last sentence 😛

      • [Gm] says:

        A bit OOT…

        Sorry to say this, but I’m afraid it’s just spam. Try ‘google’ his/her first sentence and you can find exactly the same comment on several blogs/sites.

        I think I had exactly the same one a couple months ago, but am already delete it.

  2. meriororen says:

    5500 yen is about a half million rupiahs. not 50.000 =)

  3. meongijo says:

    yah tertipu 😛

    salah lu sa dari mana-mana

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