Viva La Fi*a


I’ve just been told by my italian friend to say “Viva La Figa” to another italian friend (well I’ve been told quite a few times to say it but the effect has just came out now).

Then the other italian friend seemed very bothered with what I said. He told me that it has something to do with religious matter. I forgot what he exactly said but it would be reaaaly bad for me if I say it, because I’m a moslem. But then he said he’s just kidding.

He’s nice, he just want to warned me.

Because after I got that reaction and afraid that I’ve done something wrong, i browsed for it.

And found that Viva La Figa (italian) means women’s sex organ.


Well, at least is not something like admitting that there’s no God or something.

It’s just…

i couldn’t find the exact term for it.

In fact, I think I’ve done a lot of sins tonight.

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3 thoughts on “Viva La Fi*a

  1. meriororen says:

    lol, that means that?

    oh ya, blog lw gw masukin aggregator di ya? kalo gak mau dimasukin bilang =)

  2. zulfi says:

    Waw Figa harus baca nih!

    Eh, alamat blogku ganti yu »

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