There’s something fool going on related to my blog.

First, now I like to check my stat everytime, well at least every day to see how my blog is going. The fool thing is, when I went online while I supposed to do assignments, I checked my dashboard every 30 minutes.

Second, every time I read other people’s blog, especially them whom I know, I always go to my blog after it. I’m doing it just for, “Is my blog having the same interesting thing with the one I’ve just visited??”

Third, now my wordpress dashboard is one of the page I kept open on my Google Chrome next to Gmail — and sometimes Facebook.

Fourth, when I’m doing something on my notebook and listened to some music, I ALWAYS clicked “New Post”. I want to express my feeling related to the song. But then I leave it blank because that would be a garbage post (read: another melancholy-unstructured-unclear-poem).

Fifth, my frequency to do activity in Facebook is decreasing while the time for blog walking is increasing. There’s some interesting blog which I visit more than 2 times in one day, hoping that there’s some new post (but usually it isn’t T_T). I know that the blog writers won’t write that frequent, but I just love to hope and see if there’s something new.

Have I turned out to be a blog-addict?


3 thoughts on “Blog-Addict

  1. Risiana says:

    I like to check my blog dashboard too. although not as frequent as 30 minutes :p

  2. [Gm] says:


    I believe blogging is one good way of sharing your knowledge and experiences. However, “too much” is never good. So, be careful :D…

  3. lumierre9 says:

    the first one also happens to me…hahaha…

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