So Long Vacation >_<

This whole vacation is really a vacation! Not even one single day spent for studying my research.

Started with visiting Imperial Palace on the Emperor’s birthday date, and then TISA christmas party.

On 25th night I went for a ski trip to Nagoya nagano.

And then whole day in the dorm doing chores and watching movies.

Visiting friends’ of friends’ cat in Ochanomizu named Sir Corbin a whole day.

Watching Avatar and eat in a very expensive Iran Restaurant in Roppongi (but the waiter was veeeery nice, he gave us recommendation for the cheapest menu aned even gave us some service soups and salad!).

Last, yesterday until this morning a whole day nabe party for new year. Maybe I slept just for 1 hour.


Today is already new year.

Now I’m counting on the month of when I’ll be back for Indonesia, because if I went to Indonesia, that’d mean that I’ve already finished my research as YSEP student here.

That make me scared. I only have 7 months left to finish all of my business here. Progress?? Zero…


Motivation where are youuuu???


9 thoughts on “So Long Vacation >_<

  1. lumierre9 says:

    Nagano, bukan Nagoya…wakakakaka…:P
    btw, liburannya kan masi ada bbrp hr lg, kok udah “so long”???:P

  2. Isa says:

    more party!!! more party!!! =D

  3. chemieingenieur says:

    YSEP taun ni emang turis 🙂

    Lanjut gan!!

    • ashray says:


      minna san, paatii otsukaresama deshita..

      tanoshikatta desu..

      Yuk, setoedjoe..more party means more blueberry cheese cake tartlet from laras chan..huehehe (enak bgt ras cheese cake nya, 4 jempol buat laras)

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