My Photo Blog

I finally decide to put up a photo blog.
First is Posterous, where I could put anything unlimited.
It’s just limited by my Gmail attachment limit.

But… the Posterous layout is sooooooooo freakingly too simple and no colors!

Then I saw duotone themes in WordPress, special made for photo blogging. The color of its layout will change according to your photo colors.

So, I decide this way:

Sent an email to my Posterous (this is how you post media to Posterous),

set up an autopost feature to my WordPress in Posterous (Posterous automatically post it to anywhere you want, from facebook to twitter),

and you can see the picture both in my Posterous blog and my duotone themed WordPress photo blog.

Yaaay 😀

So if you want the first pressed photos of mine, see the full size image and even download it, go to my posterous.

But if you just want to take a look and see what my hand could produce (which not so good, hehe), go to my WordPress photo blog. Btw, for this one, I put up the RSS feed right on this page… Yeah, it’s on this right sidebar 🙂

I’d really love to read your comment about my photos, since I’m still learning about how to make a good photo.

Ja, ganbatte \(^_^)/


2 thoughts on “My Photo Blog

  1. lumierre9 says:

    coba join aja…di situ bisa dikomen sama yg lebi profesional 😀
    tp rada banyak aturannya sih…hehehe…

  2. [Gm] says:

    Heladalah… aku juga baru mau ‘promosi’ photoblogku :D… tapi baru naik cetak hari ini jam 15.15 hihihihi…

    Selain, coba juga fotokita,net, siapa tahu bisa masuk National Geographic 😀

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