New Year Card for My Professor

Thurday morning, 10.40 class with my sensei.

I arrived at 10.38 in front of the class door, my hand was reaching the door knob while the door suddenly open.

It’s sensei!

“Konnichiwa…” I greeted him.

“Ah.. konnichiwa.” he replied.

I came in and before he went out, he suddenly said, “Oh, thanks for the greeting card. Perfect!”

Ha? I was confused. What greeting card? Perfect???

Suddenly I remembered that I sent him a new year card, written in kanji. Well actually I just wrote it since the words itself came from my friend’s suggestion. I wrote the kanji based on the possible strokes writing direction (I’ve learned how to write several chinesse kanji when I took Mandarin Course, but it’s definetely not for the kanjis I wrote back then… There’s a lot of new kanjis), wrote it vertically, aaaand…. you should see it that IT’S NOT STRAIGHT!

So, after the kanji things, I wrote this in English:

PS: Sorry Sensei if there’s any mistakes in my Kanji. But anyway, happy new year!

Well, I guess he understand what  I wrote (while I really have no idea what are those kanji means, and once again, it’s not straight!).

But to say it’s perfect???

At least he understands it… Hahaha…


One thought on “New Year Card for My Professor

  1. Risiana says:

    jadi pengen liat tulisan Laras.hehe.
    yg penting uda nulis lurus jg gpp

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