January 10th which already past…

It’s been more than 2 weeks that me and my mum didn’t have any contact.

Holidays and lately, research, has filled up my mind…

Suddenly tonight, my Simpati-phone buzzed.

“Ras, what are you doing? Why you didn’t online again?” that’s my mum’s first line in the sms.

Oh crap… Not that I’ve already forgot you but I was getting more busy these days.. Sorry Mum.

Then I wait for my Mum in the skype… 10 minutes later she’s already on my LCD screen, screaming, “Laraaaas… Mum’s really missing you…”

I just smiled.. never see my Mum like that… so much like a child.. hahaha….

After asked each other condition, suddenly my Mum said this, “Why you didn’t congratulate Mum?”

“Huh? What for?”

“Why you didn’t congratulate Mum?” she asked again.

“Yeaaa well but what for???”

“Even Dad congratulate Mum… But you didn’t..”


It’s my parents wedding anniversary on January 10th! Crap! I reaaaaaally forgot it. I usually never forget it.

Especially when I was with my ex-boyfriend back then, because his birthday and my parent’s anniversary are on the same date.

But, since I have already forgot my ex-boyfriend… I already forgot what the 10th means..

Few last years of the January 10th were painful for me too, for some reasons.. So maybe I have reasons for not remembering their my parent’s anniversary.

*plaakkk… no excuse!!!*

Okay Mum, Pap, reaaaaaaaalllly sorry that I forgot…

But anyway wish both of you always together until the end. Don’t let your lovely girl go down again like years ago….


even my Dad congratulate my Mum on January 9th… he has to phone my Mum again the next day, hahaha…

2 thoughts on “January 10th which already past…

  1. Poe says:

    mama-papaku 13 jan kmaren. yang ke 22 :)….semoga langgeng dunia akhirat ya. aku juga baru ngucapin pas malemnya soalny juga lagi sibuk tugas dan ujian hehe. biasanya kita ngerayain bareng tapi karena anak-anaknya dah pada merantau semua jadi cuma bisa telp atw sms doang he

    blogwalker 😀

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