The Future of Gaming

Maybe a lot of you had seen the videos. Impossible?

*I’m working on Innovation’s class final presentation and my theme is about video game console. A friend of mine told me about this video*

I think we are closer to that thing rather than to settle in moon, haha… You just have to know that now we have the power of NETWORK and INTERNET. Yes! Network ma’am!

Because Microsoft heard that PS2 is going to be a networked experience, Microsoft then decided to enter the video game console industry in order to defend from squeezed out in the living room. So, Microsoft establish fully networked experience-Xbox (Live service) which allows you to connect with ALL Xbox USERS in the world regardless of the game you are playing (PSN only connects you to the users who are playing the same game with you), users in US also could download movies from Netflix and immediately see it on your HD TV. See? The technology is already here ^_^ I wonder if it let you connect with your Facebook friends too? So you can play with your friends on Facebook Connect? And post your status of gaming to facebook or twitter or even your blogs right away, it will be a full experience of gaming!

Next, you should met AUGMENTED REALITY. What is it? Keep it for simple, it captures image and process it and then superimposed the image with another contents, could be text, another image, sounds, even videos. And it’s all here, although not fully established yet. Layar application for iPhone has implemented this things and allows you to browse your world through your iPhone camera, and let the iPhone tells you what it’s all about. You can found the silly things LCD TV’s in Harajuku, Tokyo, and Kawasaki station (I’ve seen them so that’s the only place I know) which captured your image and then put little angels, nasty t-shirts, and donuts to your image. Even LEGO store has their augmented reality set too, which allows you to know more about the product by just letting the system “see” what are you holding.

So I guess, the main concept of Microsoft’s Xbox project Natal is all about Augmented Reality (Google it! You’ll find many fascinating videos).

But it’ll be a bit longer path ahead, since we have to make more reliable and robust Voice, Face, Motion sensing recognition, and maybe pressure recognition to allow you stomp your legs like Godzilla as seen on the video.

The friend of mine who introduced me to that video says that “There should be something below the carpet”. Yes, but you need more than pressure-sensing carpet to detect your motion. Like the Augmented Reality system, basically you’ll need a camera to capture your image, a screen to show, a processor and of course a server to provide you data. If the screen has been substituted by TV, then the camera, the processor and all the sensing technology, and the server will be on the video game console.

Ah, and don’t you know, Pranav Mistry, developed something called SixthSense technology and planned to open source the software.

Well I think what that person is developing is another concept of Augmented Reality too, in more advanced way (transferring data from physical world to digital world vice versa, in portable way!). If the code is open sourced, then  I think “the future of gaming” like the video above will be happen in no matter of time… I guess 😛

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    Wow! That’s amazing. Gotta have it.

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