Chinese New Year and to Make Decision

Yesterday I went to Yokohama China Town. It’s Chinese New Year!

See my flickr photos here.

Spent more than 500 camera clicks, 840 yen for minatomirai pass from Jyuugaoka, 260 yen for vegetable bun, and 399 yen for an unknown cooked fish in a small chinese restaurant. And I spent the whole day with my lovely friends.

Compared to last year:

Spent no camera clicks, spent no money because my Mum paid for me, and LOTS OF CHINESE FOOD, FREE! Of course, that was because I was in my uncle and grandma’s house in Lampung. They celebrated Chinese New Year so there were special foods made to celebrate the day. And I spent the whole day with my Mum’s family. Visiting my Grandpa’s graveyard and then ate durians and cheap pempek (made from fish and flour).

Wow, just one year in Chinese calendar and I felt such a dramatic difference. Now here I don’t have any family, but there are a lot of warm friends. I don’t need to ask money again from my parents (although after I come back, I might ask their plea again to feed me money :P).  Now I learn photography and quite satisfied with few pictures I made, out of hundreds of it. Now I have the creativity to cook anything whatever I have in the refrigerator, but mostly it is stir fried (so Chinese, haha).

But I like this one most changing from me: decision making. I always leave the decision upon the others because I didn’t have any confidence to make decision. I was afraid that my decision is not the most rational one, the most optimal one. Since I am happy if the others are happy, I’ll leave everything to make you happy. That’s it. But now I feel more and more decisions were made by me. There’s no reasons to be afraid of the effect, as long as I knew the consequences already.

Everyday in our life we make decision, right? We can even discomposed it into hierarchies, where your decision will be the new start for another decision making process. So perhaps we make decision every minute, no, seconds, no, even smaller because in our cells the nucleus also make decisions and imagine how fast they react. We can only control the decision that is made in our brains. Some of it have the algorithm[1] (if I touch something too hot I should discharge my fingers from it, not continue to touch it), some of it affected by emotion (we sometimes being irrational because of this), and some of it affected by knowledge (decisions of a CEO)[2]. My problem is decisions that doesn’t have algorithm or if this then that scheme, because I lack knowledge or my emotion blurred me.

But perhaps, it is because the Herbert A. Simon book about decision making which was handed to me last semester as the first book I have to read in the lab, or perhaps because here I have to make a living be more independent, or perhaps because other people around me leave their decision to me — whatever the cause is — it is because this opportunity gave by Allah for me to experience student exchange in Tokodai. And I’m truly grateful for that.

[1] Based on what I learn from biology class in high school

[2] Herbert A. Simon, Administrative Behavior.

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17 thoughts on “Chinese New Year and to Make Decision

  1. [Gm] says:

    “…Spent more than 500 camera clicks…”

    Wow, that’s plenty of shots! “Shoot more, edit less” sure is very handy in this case :D…

    I like the photos. Thanks for sharing :-)… I wish I was there myself.

    • meongijo says:

      yap, those were crazy snapshotting, trial and error mode. hahaha… Surely I tried to obey your advice ^_^

      btw, I like your style of writing by putting footnote. I found it useful.

      Yaaaay thanks 😀

      • [Gm] says:

        Errnnn… that wasn’t my advice. It came from a friend’s photography mojo :D… I’m just 80% agree. dSLR camera’s has limited number of shutter-counts before it breaks (or need some maintenance work), so taking as many photos as I can is not going to be a wise decision. I have to be a little more selective :-).

        Yeah, footnote can be very helpful — although I have to admit that my footnote style is a bit abusive in a sense that it suppose to be a footnote, not a-sub-story :D…

        btw, your footnote link doesn’t work. You might want to read this ( in order to make it work.

        Looking forward to more shots from your camera 🙂

  2. nadiafriza says:

    “some of it affected by emotion (we sometimes being irrational because of this)” this is what we should be careful about
    is that you inside the lion ras? very meow :p

  3. meongijo says:


    maaah muzukashii.. but I’ll try it in the next post if i have to write foot notes.

    mmmyaaa bahar told me about that limited number of clicks. Now I’m bit regretting to have very good camera just for learn. I mean, I should start with cheaper models.

    • [Gm] says:

      Yup, it’s a bit difficult if you don’t like to play with html code… I’m no expert in html code, but I think these codes are still basic. I believe you can do it if you are willing to learn it :D… Not really sure if offline blogging tools like Qumana provides footnote in its menu, but you can check. Don’t bother checking Blogdesk because it’s not available as menu there, you have to input it as html code. Blogdesk is still my favorite offline-blogging tools though :D…

      If you like writing in WP, I seriously suggest that you use (any of the available) offline-blogging tools because writing directly from WP is somewhat troublesome — especially when you are back to Indonesia (or any other place) where internet connection is slow. Opening WP dashboard takes forever! 😀

      About the limited number of clicks, CMIIW, but this ‘problem’ normally occurs at SLR camera (not just digital SLR). I don’t think digital camera will have the same problem as the mechanism is different.

      I may be wrong, so please CMIIW :-). Thanks.

      • Augystiana Dita says:

        why regret it? different camera produce different picture quality. hihiy, in contrast to mas goyo, I dont really care about the number of clicks. by the time that camera has approached its maximum number of clicks, you would probably already crave for a new camera. my (ex) 40D had 21777 shutter count when I sold it and it was already used for one and half year by three different person (and with Bahar oftern using the continuous shooting mode). the normal life expectation of a 40D is 100.000 clicks. so, it should be okay for around 4 years usage. my kiss x2 had 10.000 shutter count when I bought it (I dont know how long the previous owner have used it) . the normal life expectation is around 50.000 clicks, so mine should be usable for around 4 years also (if I dont do a lot of continous shooting). I’m not sure about your camera though, but I’m sure you’d already crave for a new one by the time your camera is reaching its end of life 😛

      • [Gm] says:

        Actually, I agree with you, Dita. Just like you said, I don’t really care about shutter count. However, it doesn’t mean that I don’t care, right? :-).

        Anyway, with my current ‘style’, I’m expecting of another 3 years of service from my D40 — longer would be better, though.

        I’m more interested to invest in lenses rather than camera :D…

        Photo more, edit less, care less … 😀

      • Augystiana Dita says:

        it’s really inconvenience if you need to check shutter count so often. kadang juga shutter count itu unexpected *mmm~ bahasanya gimana yah*… ga nyangka aja gitu shutter countnya baru segitu padahal berasa udah lama pakainya *probably close to that*.

        yea, its better to invest on lenses. but different camera level offer different photography experience (maybe…). anyway, pasti ada saatnya pengen ganti 😀 (hahaha, ga mau ngalah). About photo more, edit less, care less… mmm~ I think a good photographer should edit less. and for being selective about picture.. *apa ini nantinya ngaruh sama pemilihan jenis kamera ya?* taking pictures is about taking moments. moments doesnt always occur twice. I learned from a friend ,whose photography style is point-and-shoot, that the point of taking pictures is don’t let yourself miss the moments. so, just click and click!! 😛 ~all just personal opinions~

      • [Gm] says:

        Setuju kok, suatu saat pasti pengen ganti kamera dengan yang lebih advance. Yah, aku baru 4 bulan pegang kamera, dan masih cukup puas dengan si Brow. Gak tahu juga nantinya gimana…

        Masalah style… I prefer to be selective, karena aku gak mau memegang kamera dan terus2an nempelin si Brow di depan mata, dan memotret semua benda yang lewat hehehe… To me, not everything is interesting, and I believe everyone has their own definition of ‘something interesting’. At the end of the day, everyone should have their own preference. There’s no right or wrong here.

        Btw, hihihihi, kok jadi ngotot2an di sini ya? Udah melebar dari isi postingannya sendiri :D. Oh iya, permisi dulu ah sama yang punya blog. Maap dah nulis-nulis komentar yang tidak berhubungan sama isi paparan. Kalo gak berkenan, silakan dihapus sajah… 😛

  4. meongijo says:

    hahahahaha omoshiroi yo.

    basic question, how do i check my shutter counts?

    I think both of you have the same point of view.. am I right?

    Bahar said that the shutter limit applied to digital camera too. Hmm, but I dunno which one is right. Anyway, since I still don’t know how to set things correctly, maybe I will still need a lot of camera clicks to produce photo I like.

    Btw, I found some photos in Flickr that were produced by G11. My first comment was, I didn’t believe that G11 could do that… Na na, that means I haven’t used my camera optimally. Different hands, different photos.

    • Augystiana Dita says:

      minta link flickrnya ras…

      i dunno klo g11… klo buat dslr sering ada freeware buat ngitung shutter count

    • [Gm] says:

      Normally, you can check the shutter count number on the EXIF file. However, I don’t think all cameras have this information, not even all dSLR. For example, a cousin’s Olympus dSLR camera doesn’t have this information — or at least we haven’t found it yet :P…

      About Flickr, if you found a dazzling photo, click on the ‘more properties’ to see the camera settings. I personally learnt a lot by doing this. There is also a chance that they use software to edit the tone/color and enhance the photo. To get the definite answer: ask the person :D… it’s good to get new friend while sharing some knowledge, yes? :)…

  5. meongijo says:

    @mas andy
    abis foto suka kuapus :P, ngaruh ga?

    @mas goyo
    yaaah tried to do that too. i sometimes yelled, “if this one is edited, the world is not fair”

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