The Power of Holiday

In Indonesia, the longest holiday just last for 2 weeks for students. For college student, it could be as long as 1 and half month. But here, for spring holiday, I have the holiday for almost 2 months! *count it after my last exam and report deadlines*

This could be reaaaaaaaaaly dangerous for me. As for a cat human who prefer to stay whole day in her room, playing with laptop, reading, eat, don’t like to go anywhere, anything that doesn’t have to be done outside, I could gain weight easily because of holiday. And the worst is, given a responsibility for all of my scholarship money here in Japan, I begin to spent it about half of my food budget into snacks.

Too lazy will kill me for sure…

I slept no less than 3 o’clock in the morning. Wake up no less than 10 in the morning. My activities shifted to after 12 when I am fully awake. At least I eat twice a day, but the calories are immediately substituted with bad-fat-snacks.

I try to set alarm to 7.

Put a big line, GANBATTE in front of my bed with a small writings, “7 ji okiru!” (wake at 7).

I signed up to calories control web site.

Before I went to bed I always think, “Tomorrow, I’m going to take a walk to burn calories.”

None of them worked!!!!!!!



9 thoughts on “The Power of Holiday

  1. lumierre9 says:

    you’re becoming garfield…hahaha…
    maybe u just need to force urself to wake up early and do some activities…

  2. Risiana says:

    makanya Ras,ikutan jalan2 aja sini ama 2 tetanggamu yg suka jalan2 ini 😀

  3. […] after having been at dormitory or campus and lab the whole time. Contrary to my YSEP friend , who does not like to go out very much,  really like to go out somewhere, just go out somewhere,  don’t really like to stay in a place […]

  4. myovaloffice says:

    Bentar lagi Laras berubah wujud 🙂

  5. ashray says:

    eh ras..doritos ada jenis baru lho..rasa barbeque 🙂


  6. nadiafriza says:

    “Too lazy will kill me” same here ras hehe

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