Funny Concealer

When I first look at them in HAC – Drug store near fujigaoka eki, I immediately laughed.

Don’t you? Well if you don’t laugh, there’re only 2 reasons:

  1. You are not humorous
  2. You don’t have any idea what a concealer is

For those with reason number 2, concealer is a cosmetic used to hide imperfections/blemishes on your face by applying paste-like-solution to your skin. It has no effect to remove your imperfections but indeed concealer could disguise imperfection.

So the product package try to say that, the seal at first has a lot of blemishes in his face (which appears to be normal for it because they had moustaches! That’s why it’s funny), but now by using the concealer its face becomes clean.

How about this one, can you guess?

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