No More Watching Classical Concert While Having Flu

I’ve just saw a classical concert for the first time in my life, thanks to Fafa, who got free ticket from her scholarship foundation. The problem was, this concert was somehow held right after we came back from 7-days Kansai trip. On the 4th day of the trip, I got caught by flu and I still have a lot of phlegm in my respiratory system until now.

The concert was held in Suntory Hall in Roppongi. It’s not a very big concert hall like what I saw in western movies, but Fafa said that this hall is the same place that was used in Nodame Cantabile Japanese TV drama.

I couldn't take picture inside Suntory Hall so I took this picture with its advertisement panel inside Roppongi Itchome Station

After picked proper clothes to wear, we rushed to Roppongi under light rain. We arrived right on time at 7 PM. The concert immediately started after we are seated and I immediately blew everything that I have inside my nose. I didn’t want to be called “urusai” by those Japanese and ruined the concert.

I didn’t know how much time has passed, but before the first composition ended, my nose was full and I had to breathe from my mouth. What happen next is my throat became irritated and it want to cough badly! I tried all my best to hold back my cough until my face bubbled like fugu fish. Several people coughed randomly, though, but because I could hear their cough that’d mean they could hear my cough too.

Too bad, I coughed a little. But anyway the first song end. I immediately coughed and snot again then I noticed that everyone was doing the same thing when the applause broke.

The second song was just as hell. The phlegm quickly filled my nose not long after the song start, and this time, with the famous female pianist who played like crazy (swear! I saw her legs kicked when the song became harder and her hands were like going to hit the keys until it broke). I really couldn’t enjoy the song, Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 5. I coughed several times and at the very least I slept because too tired to hold my cough and sneeze.

When the conductor freeze and the players were all silent, suddenly there were concert of coughing and moving persons. I couldn’t help not to laugh and stared Fafa and then join the “concert”, coughed and snot as hard as I could. The song hasn’t ended. The conductor move again.[1]

But after that, here came more funny things. When the song really has ended, everyone clapped. Then the pianist went outside but the applause hasn’t yet ended. The pianist entered the room again and the applauses were getting bigger, she received flower bouquets but the applauses seemed not getting to any end. Then the pianist and the conductor went outside, but it hasn’t stopped! People kept applauding after the pianist and the conductor going in and out the stage for several times [2] and after all the players went out too, then the applauses stopped. Probably the applause last for 5 minutes. What the????

Anyway, I really couldn’t enjoy the music. At the 3rd song, although it was Beethoven Symphony No. 5 which was the most recognized Beethoven’s work worldwide, I felt asleep at the last part.

At first I was quite amazed with the sound quality that I used to hear in movies or cassette, but later on I think I prefer to enjoy classical music during relaxing time not while attending something that has a lot of manners like the concert itself. It’s no big difference between what you hear in a recorded media and the live concert. The one big difference is what you could see. For me, seeing the players has no added value if performed more than 5 minutes because I’ll fell asleep… Hahaha…

[1] That time is called “time between movement”. In a composition there are usually several parts and conductor gave a short pause before continuing to the next part.

[2]This is called a curtain call and may happen repeatedly if the applause continues. If audience enthusiasm remains sustained, after much applause, the performers may return to the stage and resume performance positions, thereby signaling to the audience that they will be performing an encore, or bonus performance. This may continue through several encores if the performers are feeling energetic and the audience excited, but will generally not last more than an extra half hour. Read more here


6 thoughts on “No More Watching Classical Concert While Having Flu

  1. Achmad says:

    wahh,,, dapet dari SATO zaidan ya??? mantabs… tahun kemaren di bunkamura..
    Iya, disitu tempat syuting filem nodame ^^
    anyway, iya juga sih, banyak mannernya klo nonton langsung, however, jelas donk kualitas soundnya n atmosfirnya bener2 beda dibandinh denger dari kaset.

    • meongijo says:

      hai, fafa ga moraimashita ^_^
      senpai mou? naru hodo… doudeshita ka? omoshiroikatta desu ka?

      still I can’t get the atmosphere because of that damn flu 0_0

  2. fakhria says:

    Hahahaha! by the way, I just can’t stop wondering awkwardly why they applause as if there are no more amazed things on earth

    • meongijo says:

      I put a foot note explaining why they have to applause for a very long time 🙂 there’s always be meaning behind it, or else, they’re just amazed with it while we’re not -_-‘

  3. mikha_v says:

    Wow, classical concert! I also want to go to similar concert sometimes

    aQ suka lagu klasik, hanya saja yang model orkestra. Kalau yang solo kurang suka hehee 😛

  4. meongijo says:

    as expected from a pianist 😛

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