Gymnopedie no.1

After watching classical music with Fafa, I began to watch Japanese Anime (manga based) Nodame Cantabile.

After watching all the 3 seasons marathon, I began to start looking for classical music because I don`t understand half of the anime (I dunno why Nodame is called suck at playing real piece, for me, her piano sounds fine).

Then I remember one piece that always stuck in my mind since the first time I heard it. But I dunno the title.

Thanks to Depapepe which appears in my iphone playlist unintentionally. They played the guitar version of it. The title is written in katakana, though… but as you know, smart search engine could give you suggestion.

And the piece title is, Gymnopedie no.1 (ジムノペディ 1番) composed by Erik Satie.

This melancholy piece is very suitable to be heard when you are sad, haha… but I like to hear it during relaxing time. And during my Japanese study *hoping that it would help me memorize those changing verbs :P*

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One thought on “Gymnopedie no.1

  1. Rina says:

    I also like this song! I always listen it when I feel sad and rather melancholic. By the way, have you heard “Je te veux”? It is the song that also composed by Erik Satie.

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