Spring Time in Tokodai

Tokodai's sakura yard when the sakura are blossoming

Uwahh, spring has come… flowers are blossoming everywhere, especially sakura AKA cherry blossom, which always be the main object for everything related to spring 😀

According to Wikipedia, most Japanese schools and public buildings have cherry blossom trees outside of them. In front of Tokodai main building, there is a sakura yard… Well, not much but at least both side of the yard is occupied with Sakura tree. Many said that Tokodai’s sakura are among the most beautiful in Tokyo (but my tutor said perhaps the most beautiful among Tokyo Universities). So many people come, then Tokodai built a wooden deck so everyone could enjoy the beautiful sakura pleasantly.

Sakura in the main yard of Tokodai is the white one, or Somei Yoshino, or Prunus × yedoensis. There is the pink one too, but only a few and not as big as those planted in the main yard.

I think the sakura are all the same, not until yesterday April 1st, when I saw spectacular scenery of the yard which make me smile instantly! True, flowers bring happiness.

Btw, regarding this sakura in Tokodai (and also in other universities), there are two events that usually collides with the blossoming sakura. Graduation (卒業) and new education year. Graduation, this year, took place at March 26th while the new education year always started in April 1st.

So during those two days, the sakura yard is always packed with people, not to mention the other day when colleagues and civilians around Tokodai civilized the yard for 花見 (hanami – sakura viewing). So these were the photos I could get with the iPhone (no zoom, sorry).

Sotsugyou Omedettou! This special announcement was displayed during graduation day in all of the campus screens. It used sakura background, hehe... This one is in the campus canteen on the main building.

Graduation Photo Booths are provided in the sakura yard.

Welcome New Comers! A new student passed the sakura yard after health check, where hundreds of people form circles, club, and other extra curricular activities formed a line to "trap" the newcomers. Whoever gets in the line, he/she will be given a lot of fliers about the activity.

My Lab hanami. But we could just stand for 20 minutes in the yard, then we moved to our lab again because that day was so cold!!! Around 4-6 C.

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4 thoughts on “Spring Time in Tokodai

  1. Augystiana Dita says:

    hehe, setau gw deck-nya dibikin buat ngegantiin aspal yang dulu sempet bikin pertumbuhan sakura-nya terganggu

  2. batari says:

    ih layout barunya lucu 🙂 tadi ya aku baru main-main ke depan hon-kan (selama ini langsung straight to ishikawadai -_-‘) gilaaa yaa itu sakura nya banyak bangeeet. gemeeesssh pengen dipretelin.

  3. meongijo says:

    wah berarti kalau gundul ada yang bisa ditangkep nih 😛

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