Finally oh Ronbun-san…

I’m rotting here. I finally super finalize my final thesis topic. The one that will be used as my sotsuron report here and also my final thesis for my bachelor degree.

To be short, I want to know what are the factors affecting someone to give online review in E-commerce websites.

Go fight!

To determine that research question, I have to undergo 7 month meditation under Senoo Lab. Haha.. Kidding… But yes, I spent 7 months reading papers from:

– Information sharing

– Knowledge creation

– Theory of Crowds

– Social commerce

– Customer knowledge

– Consumer behavior

So it could be said that I’ve changed my general theme 6 times, and changed my research proposal about 4 times. Why did it took so long to determine just one research question?

One. I don’t know how original a research is. So I thought I have to scratch a new theory, a new method, or something.

Two. I don’t want to be involved with gathering data from Japanese companies because of my language barrier.

Third. I want my thesis is somewhat related to information system as well as knowledge management.

At the end, I’m struggling with consumer behavior (-_-‘) mixed with a little bit information of online reviews.

Haha.. I don’t care. I have to finish the research by the end of this July. My lecturer in Indonesia has gave me approval for this “consumer behavior” theme (although my sensei now hasn’t been told yet about this more specific research question).

So far, this topic is interesting for me and there’s only one published paper asking the same thing. That research just has been published this February. Which means, my chance of originality is quite big 😀 and I have a framework to follow that I don’t have to do it from scratch, or else I’m doing a doctoral thesis… 😛

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3 thoughts on “Finally oh Ronbun-san…

  1. Achmad says:

    Wow, really YSEP :p
    Only needs two month to have your Sotsuron finished … haha.. ganbaree.!

  2. nadiafriza says:

    wow pasti ntar TA kamu keren banget tuh ras 🙂

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