So how’s the love supposed to work?

Dari blog Ninit Yunita.
here are some interesting stories about love…

2. another story from my mom… ada dua kuburan suami istri yang berdampingan… suatu saat kuburan tsb di pindahkan… ternyata ketika digali… believe it or not… kedua kuburan tersebut wangiii sekali… ternyata setelah diketahui… suami istri tersebut semasa hidup berumah tangga tidak pernah bertengkar… duh gua pengen loh spt mereka… nantinya…

Aku terenyuh. Kami hampir ga pernah berantem.

Dia selalu bilang jangan sampai berantem.

Aku bilang, sesekali berantem aja, biar ga bosen.

Di saat orang lain ingin tidak pernah berantem, aku malah suka cari masalah biar bisa berantem. Tapi akhirnya, dia yang ngalah jadi kita lagi-lagi ga berantem.

I think I’m the child. Not you. Sorry…


5 thoughts on “So how’s the love supposed to work?

  1. isa says:

    nice theme, I love it, really. 😀

    • meongijo says:

      dasar sa, the comment is not related at all. hehe…

      wow thanks, it’s a customized template, aka just changing the theme color, combined it with nice background color, and add a header picture.

      ‘ve told you, you should have work for my blog layout, so it could be better.. hehe

      • isa says:

        hey, what should I say about the post? should I really say somethin? 😀

        I dont think so ;D

        Uh, noone told me about your birthday >.< and I really forgot to take a note.
        I feel bad about this, but, better than not saying, I really really wish you a happy birthday 🙂

  2. meriororen says:

    lol, forget about the last comment, I misinterpret anniversary with birthday 😀

    lol, anyway, selamat ye


  3. nadiafriza says:

    calon kuburan wangi dong ras 😉 aamin

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