First job interview notes

Two weeks ago I attended an interview for a job in Japanese company in Indonesia. But the recruitment process was held here, so there I was, in the company’s office at Otemachi.

I was interviewed by the Manager which will take the Indonesia office this year. Three hours before interview, I made sure that my appearance was fine because I always had a feeling of mistook proper clothes. Well, I felt my self confidence increased after I finalized my clothing plan. But the effort was too much so it took my time to practicing to almost once (or never).

The interviewer first asked me in Japanese. It seemed that he asked whether I could be interviewed in Japanese or not.

Mistake number One. I said, “Dekinai”.

It was a totally super duper impolite word to be used that time to just say “No, I can’t.” I even didn’t say sorry! Then the interview run in English.

Mistake number Two. I couldn’t answer directly.

Mistake number Three. I made a mistake in the answer of company’s activities.

Mistake number Four. It seems that I’m not that interested in the company. Well, I am interested but it’s just hard to express that kind of feeling.

“Why do you want to join this company, out of other Japanese companies?”

“I had an internship at Indosat Jakarta last year-” I saw him excited because he knew Indosat “-everytime I went there, I always passed a Japanese company. At that time, I don’t know what it was. But now I know that it was Mitsui, so I think it’s fate. I believe in fate.”

I wish I could melt that time.

Mistake number Five. I told him my weakness is I will sleep if I hear someone talking more than 5 minutes.

“So I always sleep at lectures because the lecturers never interact with me…”

The interviewer laughed. “And then, any other else?”

“Well, just that. I think.” No, it’s just that. I forgot to tell him how I overcome the weakness…

The result

I didn’t pass that 1st interview stage…

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4 thoughts on “First job interview notes

  1. isa says:

    well, you could always learn from it, anyway 😀

  2. Achmad says:

    Wahhh… seus mau kerja di Japs Company?? :p

  3. batari says:

    tak apa-apa raaas. kerja di bank is not that fun, i heard so. hehe. you will get another job, the one who will happy that you believe in fate 🙂

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