Short note of today

Betapa aku sangat mencintai Google. Dan friendster. Dan facebook. Serta orang-orang yang memiliki blog.

Oh, plus koneksi internet cepat.

I found out that I was being cheated with Google. Bahkan ketika di suatu saat aku penasaran dengan apa yang terjadi dengan orang-orang itu, aku masih bisa melacak jejaknya. Not much, but at least some information.

I’m telling you, exposing yourselves to internet is obviously risky. The thing is, we just can’t let it go. It’s the way the society works.


2 thoughts on “Short note of today

  1. batari says:

    agreed agreed agreed!
    i secretly wish they never invented twitter 😦

    • dit says:

      then dont use twitter dong mbak bat…
      anyway, i dont really like the idea of “following” in twitter… it’s annoying ~_~
      and i kinda dont like the idea of blog aggregator (sometimes), hahahah (piss sa!)…

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