Nihonggo Progress.

I went to Hippo Family Club gathering tonight because I want to say good bye to my host lady here. My host lady will go to Mexico this week and when she come back, I’ve already left for Indonesia. So we decided to join the Hippo activity together as “the last goodbye”.

I haven’t met her properly since last year. When I greeted her, saying some words, she was surprised.

“Nihonggo wa jouzu desu ne…”

The same compliment as last year when I could only say “arigatou gozaimasu”. But at this time, she sounded very honest. In reality, I’m still not that good in Japanese of course. The best sentence to express her feeling was, “Wow, your Japanese has improved so much!” and that’s what my other Japanese friend of mine said last week.

Of course, I had to reply her like, “Mada mada… just improving, a bit…” and that’s in English 😛 But when I met another Hippo family member that I know, she was totally surprised too, “Nihonggo wa jouzu desu ne!”

Again.. hahahaha… then I repeat the same reply again, in English of course.

“Last year you can’t understand what we said, just expressing ‘huh’ and ‘ha’ face… But now you understand and that’s great!” they said.

Well it’s already one year. If I didn’t learn anything from Japan for this whole year, I wasted my time here. But I’m glad that my bad Japanese at least can impress them before I leave. I wonder if I can retain whatever Japanese skill I have now over the time…

Just remember one thing: when Japanese is complimenting your Japanese skill, it means that you still have a lot to learn. If  you can speak it fluently, they will compliment you only just once and the rest they won’t make any comment about your skill anymore. As in my case, I still have A LOT with big L to go.

*Yaay, the third blog posts in 24 hours. Ideas to write definitely come out when you got loads of free time :P*


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