100 Yen for Selling Clothes

While accompanying Chandra looking for his Yukata in Hard Off, I brought along my clothes that I’ve prepared to sell there. Hard Off is a second hand shop where you can sell and buy anything for cheap (of course it’s depend on stock, but you will find endless choice there especially for clothes and branded goods).

The clothes that I was going to sell was not much, only  6 pieces of clothes, 1 scarf, and a bag. Most of them was inherited from previous YSEP. Since this year new YSEP are mostly guys, I think it’s better to sell it in order not to make Mbak Lyta grunt (“What? You’re going to put all of these in my house again?!”). Those clothes are those what I think is still wearable. Most of my clothes are going to be thrown away, since I don’t want to carry another 10 kg of trunk with my flight.

So, for those clothes that I sell, I only get 100 yen. To be precisely, 10 yen for each clothes, 50 yen for the scarf (or maybe the vest); the bag and a pant cannot be bought by Hard Off (I don’t know why). Hard Off could sell the clothes for 105 yen at minimum, but I understand that they need extra cash to clean the clothes and do some fix here and there so I think the buying price is quite rational.

Because that day was so hot, then I bought Calpis water from the vending machine just in front of the Hard Off entrance for 100 yen that I just got. Well, earning money is surely though, but to spend is just flowing like water…

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