Last note from Japan

I’ll be leaving for Indonesia in 8 hours. I should sleep now but I couldn’t.

One year memories during my stay here in Japan are flashing one by one. I learn a lot from my experience here. Even my last dinner 6 hours ago with Sensei and his wife still give me a deep impression about how this life should be.

“Come back to our Lab anytime”

That is written on a book that Sensei himself wrote and gave me then. It’s about knowledge creation in relation with working environment written in Japanese. “If you can’t read it, you have to come back to the Lab and I will teach it to you.”

Well said Sensei!

“You have to be more general in your thinking. One percent of the population in this world has to have general thinking so they could change the world. And what I did is too produce this one percent of population. I hope you can be this part too.”

And their smile when they wave back from outside the last train that would take me home, I would never forget that. It made my sadness, my anger, every bad emotions that I felt during my one year study in Japan just gone. At that time, I felt really… really grateful… that I was given a chance to experience YSEP in Tokodai with my very wise Sensei.

I learnt a lot. Not just the hard skills, but also the soft skills. How to deal with high extent diversity, how to negotiate, how to be more patient, how to cook Indonesian food, how to dance, how to sing, how to understand cultural differences, how to deal with friends, and more of how to. My lab, classes, TISA, PPI Tokodai, PPI Jepang, host families, all of them help me to learn new things everyday and try to take the positive things of whatever had happened.

All of these are priceless. If there’s one thing to be regretted, is that I can’t meet Sensei’s 15 and 11 years old cat.

2 thoughts on “Last note from Japan

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  2. sadono says:

    you need to come back to taste my newest pizza.

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