Eccentric K-Actress, but that’s her anyway

This is my first post ever touching a side of entertainment. It’s because of this “weird” but multi-talented Korean actress named Gong Hyo Jin.

The first time I saw her was in a Korean Drama titled “Thank You”. This drama is aired by not-a-mainstream-TV-channel-but-yet-My-Mum-loves-it. So every weekday nights, I was forced to watch this since this is a better thing to watch than Indonesian drama, aka sinetron (never seen any good sinetron this whole life, really…). She played a role of a country-side Mom; skinny, a country side face with bangs, old fashioned – so far away from modern fashion that I thought this drama was from 80’s.

Then my cousin lent me another Korean Drama DVD titled “Pasta”. I’m not a fan of K-drama (J-dorama instead). But Pasta and King of Baker-Kim Tak Goo, were exceptions (and I heard that those two got high ratings during their airtime). At least from both of them I could learn how to make pasta and bread, haha… Back to the topic, this girl, Ms. Gong, appeared as the main heroine as a cook who tried to be acknowledged by her colleagues. I note her immediately because of her unchanged bangs, and a country-side look that I would never forget from “Thank You”.

Months later when I started to hear Korean Acid Jazz music group called “Clazziquai”, I noted that the main vocalist also played in Pasta . Being curious, I googled him and I also found this Ms. Gong. From the blogs that I read, she is actually multi talented actress yet “fashionable”. Multi talented because she is also a model and a fashion designer at first. “Fashionable” with quotation because (according to the site) “fashionista with eccentric sense of style”.

I am never a fashion-knowledgeable, so I put her pictures of what so called as “her style” so you can judge her by yourself.

And oh yeah, just a few notes;

1. She never let go of her bangs, I think.

In "Thank You"


In "Pasta"

Even in casual photo shoot


2. She never changes her hairstyle also, maybe.

3. Her long and dense hair is always looked as if she never do anything to it.


Even with her boyfriend, on the way to curch



4. Most of her red carpet goes with her hair disentangled, or sometimes, just tied.

5. I think she doesn’t care about what people are saying about her style. She’s just being herself, really.

Not even for Vogue photo shoot!


During Korea-Australia Friendship Celebration
So effortless, they said…
Same dress, but…
This one is good, though..


One good message, “So what if I’m not into trend? I have my own trend. I create my own trend.”

I don’t know her personality, but from her photos, I guess she’s just humble and comfortable in her own way. Well, that’s just the way the beauty goes…

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