Already employed

True. God’s plan is just wonderful if we’re grateful.

As the sequel from this post and this post , I proudly announce that now I am working in Indonesia’s central bank.  The employer just asked me to come, meet and have chat after about 3 weeks I applied for the position. So there I came, cannot be said that it was an interview since what happened was he told me what I ought to do during the job. As long as I remember, it’s the employer who talk more than 70% of the time… And he said, “Yes we want to accept you.”

It was so awesome! I mean, so smooth. Although it’s a temporary position for 6 months but I like the job – very concerned with what I have learnt before. And the employer really understand me that I want to take master in January, if I get the scholarship. So it’s kind of perfect! If I have difficulties regarding this job, it’s only that I have to learn how the riba is circulated finance. Though I have learnt it during high school and college, it’s just different and more complex than what I’ve learnt.

And what’s more, my supervisor just said this when I told her I already received this job – that I have to leave her projects in one week, “Oh congratulations! That’s great! If you don’t want to be a lecturer, just keep going with BI. It’s nice!”

I was shocked. It was her who politely prohibited me to apply any kind of job, and then she was gladly let me go.

Anyway I never experience any moment smoother than this. Like I said, everything was just perfect, fits the frame, and complete the puzzle.

A day before my first day of work, a phone with “BLOCKED” ID called me. That day, I was waiting for the Japan scholarship for master. So the bubbles suddenly fills up my head, and..


“blablablabala” – hardly catch what he said. He seemed to speak English with Singapore accents.


“Is this Laras? This is from Total KL. We have received your resume and we’re interested in you. Have you got a job?”

DANG! Man you’re so late by one week. By the time I told him that I was going to work the next day, he raised his offer, “How about that we offer you a permanent position?”

DOUBLE SHOTS! But KL is just too far (but I used to dream to work in England) and a permanent position means that I will be tied in Malaysia. I never applied for Total KL but I did apply for Total Jakarta. So my resume was forwarded to KL, probably.

And that was never my intention. So, I just rejected it…

*Hope I did the right thing*

One week after work, Pertamina emailed me about the next stage of the recruitment which will be conducted during work hour. I honestly told the condition to my employer and he said, “It’s fine. Just attend it.” *HAAAA?!*

So I attended the interview, without knowing that I’ll be able to join the training process which (a gossip said that) it will be started in July.

But the moral of the story is, after feeling that I am so dumb enough to be not called by any employer, at the end Allah has prepared the best plan for me. And it will also happen to you, you, or you, as long as you think positively ahead and be grateful with whatever you have today. I did, and I pray, and I gratefully received Allah’s plan for me.

Alhamdulillah… I hope, good thing will also comes to you 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Already employed

  1. [Gm] says:

    Congratulations :-)…

    As The Byrds once said:
    To Everything (Turn, Turn, Turn)
    There is a season (Turn, Turn, Turn)
    And a time to every purpose, under Heaven

    *Actually, it’s an adaptation from bible …

    Anyway, as my wise friend once said:
    “Semua akan indah pada waktunya” :D…

    Good luck!

  2. isaa says:


  3. Augystiana Dita says:

    hahahaha… afterwards don’t forget to be grateful always and keep positive thinking to Him. You were already being not fair to Him 😀

  4. fafa says:

    Whoaa.. Laras Cooooollll… hehehe, akhirnya penasaranku tentang foto-foto futsal kamu terjawab hehehe

  5. nadiafriza says:

    rejected Total E&P over BI *sori sebut merek :p*? what are you, ras, out of your mind? 😉
    no matter how far it is, KL or africa, as long as in Total, i’ll go for it deh laraas.. envy you so much! 🙂

  6. seli_usel says:

    . thanks for informasinya ..

    . lucu juga blog nya .

  7. Reisa says:

    nice to know you..
    i like this story and love what you have written :))
    I’m in the situation ‘so dumb enough not being called by employer :D’ a.k.a jobseeker for almost one year.
    depressed, yess.. !
    but this story remain me, Allah fair enough for me, Allah prepare the best place for me.
    and i hope good thing come to me too, like you 🙂

  8. Hanifah says:

    “ the end Allah has prepared the best plan for me” ahh.. suka banget sama kata-katanya.. sukses selalu mbak Laras, salam kenal 🙂

  9. Ulvi Rahma says:

    nice post mba, keep going!

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