We are what we choose

Lately I have no idea to write. If I have something to blame, it’s work. Like the other else, I always do the routine on weekdays. In addition, I got home at 9 PM most of the time. Reasons? Lots of works, I prefer to free ride a colleague, and we prefer to stay out from the traffic jam hours.

I spend one set of weekends in Bandung and in Jakarta thereafter. Mostly staying at home, trying to substitute lack of sleeping during weekdays. All of those lead to one thing: dull idea.

But the point is, I choose it that way. I actually can spend weekends with more challenging agenda, not just staying at home all day or having entertainment at shopping centers. I simply just not do that.

So what’s to blame?

It’s not work. It’s myself.

We are what we choose 🙂


and yeah, I did not choose that PhD scholarship.


One thought on “We are what we choose

  1. batari says:

    Enjoy your choice, dear! PhD is not really a walk in the park either… *curhat*
    Mampir ke Tokyo dong kapan-kapan 🙂

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