I seldom update my blog recently, but when I do, I complain a lot. So that’s why I stop automatic importing my blog posts to facebook notes since 2010. I don’t even know that this automatic import feature is not available since last year, now that I want to continue sharing my blog posts.

Reason I can find why this feature is not supported anymore:

We want you to connect with your fans in the most effective ways possible. That’s why as of September 30th you’ll no longer be able to automatically import posts from your website to your Page notes. The best way to get people to interact with your content is to give them insight into the links you share on your Wall by adding personal comments and responding to feedback from fans. source

Fans? Except you’re a celebrity, then what you have are only friends.

For a shy and humble person like me (which is probably arrogant and attention-seeker to you), sharing blog post that contains personal life or personal message is a complete disaster. It’s like admitting that you produce such a stink fart to the public. But I want others to know, especially when I tried to signal some personal message to someone that I hope he/she would read it, this feature helps a lot.

It’s like “Oh, did I just share my personal life to everyone here? Sorry, I did not notice that my facebook notes are importing all of my blog posts. But you read it, right? Please make a comment then…”

That do happen to me sometimes, ha… ha… But normally I would remove the imported notes as soon as possible if it contains inappropriate story to be shared directly to my friends. I still need those import feature to directly import more beneficial knowledge content of some blog posts.

Now I miss this feature so much. Because here, now, I’m trying to write a thoughtful blog post but this post idea was poof-ed somewhere after I know the feature is not exist anymore. Instead, I’m writing another complain post, again…

No more imports?


3 thoughts on “No more imports?

  1. nadiafriza says:

    fans? :))

    when you can complain and or throwing tantrum in english, it’s already becoming your mother language ras.. congratz! 😀

  2. [Gm] says:

    Eh? Actually, the ‘import-to-facebook’ thing still works. Well, it’s not a feature of FB per se, but it’s a feature from WP.

    Go to WP Dashboard –> Settings –> Sharing, there you can connect your blog to various social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin.

    Good luck.

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