Mission impossible at work

We just received good news and bad news today. The board approved our plan. The bad news is, it shall be done this year. By this year, it means 7 months or 35 weeks or effectively less than 175 working days.

Humbly saying, that’s not feasible. Sarcastically saying, it’s impossible. We do the small scale project, like 20% of the work, in 4 months. FYI that’s the main reason why I never updated my blog, I never see the sunlight when I come home, and additional 5 kilos of my body weight. Now they’re asking to do 100% in 7 month. Even if we managed to do that, I’m 100% sure that the result won’t work at all.

Sometimes management line doesn’t really care what happen in technical lines. They only think with their logic, which apparently covers only the tip of an iceberg. With their logic now, they know that this project is hard and important. That’s why they said they will provide all resources that we need. Silly that they won’t provide enough time. Funny that they don’t know there are no other Indonesian capable to do the project. Even our consultant – who is the creator of what we’re going to create – admits that the time is not enough.

What can we, as the technical team, can say? What we can do is just to obey what the board wants. We do all the dirty works for them, under their direction, and if it failed, we’ll be shitted – sarcastically saying.

And what’s funny of working with the government is (or in my case regulators), when it fails they won’t admit it as fail. They will say that “it’s not success yet” or “runs quite well with some limitations”. When I ask them why they “cover” the fault instead of telling the truth, the answer is “it’s a better way to communicate if using softer words”. For me, it’s just like using the words “hot chocolate pound” instead of “shit”.


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