Tribute to you

“Kita pernah ada di suatu masa bersama

Walau kini tak sama, jangan lupakan indahnya

Ingat dan teruslah kau kenang-kenang semua

Kata-kata tak perlu kau ucapkan juga

Asalkan terus kau simpan dalam sudut jiwa

Ku kan dapat merasakannya

Masih selalu ada cerita lama dan tawa

Masih tersimpan juga sedih saat kau tak ada

Ku percaya perjalanan kita semestinya membawa bahagia”



Your time is drawing near. No more chance, although you think you’re actually getting closer. Perhaps you are truly not made to be together. Just to be someone that you used to know.


Back then you were sick, it was really bad until he volunteered to take you to a doctor and the pain suddenly vanished.


That “How Deep is Your Love” he always listen, also your favorite song, made you remember him every time you heard it.


Remember when suddenly he sang “And in another life, I will be your man” Your world is flipped, not knowing whether it’s true or not. Perhaps he’s just adjusting to the lyrics. But the butterflies in your stomach didn’t care the truth, they’re just flying because the lyrics sound so true.


And then his face, his eyes, his gesture. He hid it. But you know small things, simply ignored, but mean clues for you. You did feel the change, right?


You, also think about him almost every time. Wondering… Imagining. It’s like what he told you what is his definition of love, it’s “when you think about him/her every time”.


“Could it be” love? A song that you both discovered coincidentally, it turns out to be your favorite song. And perhaps he likes it too, he asked you to play it together.


Like everybody else told you, he did care. He just doesn’t want to ruin anything you have right now. That made everything so blurry, until the time is near — the relationship never works.


“Do you have someone in your mind right now?”




“I think you should marry her. They said that although you’re physically with someone but in your head you’re always thinking about somebody else, it means that she’s the one”


“I think you know her. But the future will be difficult for us if we’re together”


Or you might think that all of these are all in your head. Your imagination. Your reasoning to make something simple to be so in love. No one knows.


Although it hurts you that it’s going to end, deep inside, admit that you’ve been in love once more. It’s a gift. It’s one of things in this world that could brings you happiness. That’s fine, enjoy it in appropriate manner. You know the boundaries. You know your limitations. Circle of life still rotates anyway.


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