Again I’m seeing signs. In some point that you meet him, you saw small things that could made you smile. Looking for you among the crowd after lunch, his step that passes your way, his number and yours, his camera that’s pointed at you, his greetings every day…

Why does it has to fall so easy?

Then you remember another one, the same faint and happy smile when he looked at your (and your colleague’s) gift, his intention to be with you until the very last, pointing the lens at you whenever you run, still the same surprised but warm eyes when you stared at him…

But now it’s easily forgotten.

I never know when I can fall again and again. I always know that it has to be ended again. I want to treasure those every moments, as happiness and excitement instead of sadness and regret. It’s reminiscing, my feelings of you.


One thought on “Reminiscing

  1. tice says:

    ditunggu cerita detailnya, ras.. ^___^

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