As I hear to Barry Gibb’s voice, your figure sketched on my mind. Of course yours and Barry’s voice are not similar, but you grow me up with his voice. I grow up loving Bee Gees songs, although it might not be your most favorite one.

I’m used to hear How Deep is Your Love thousands of time. But tonight, somehow, I remember you. Made me want to meet you, and ask you “How are you?”

“Are you healthy?”

“Can you please come back?”

It might be an effect of the exams I’m having. Maybe I’m delusional but with tangible tears.

Somehow, if you read this…

Know it, that I want to tell you recent events of my life. My new friends. My new activities. My new job.

I’m happy. I feel like I can do anything – and I could not deny that to reach this point, you taught me something though not well.

Know it, that I miss you. I want your hug. I want to hear your calm voice. I want to turn back the time and feel those distant yet comfortable memories with you.

Know it, I tried to contact you but it never reach you. Maybe someone is trying to block me.


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